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Massage Establishment & *Solo Massage Establishment Permit

*You need to have an Advanced Practitioner Permit in order to obtain a Solo Massage Establishment permit.

A. Bring the following items to the Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Section at 1390 Market St., Suite 210, San Francisco. Refer to the Fee Schedule in the Helpful Links for application and plan check fees.

  1. Completed Massage Establishment Application for a Permit to Operate (pdf).
  2. Letter of intent / business plan with description of services to be provided.
  3. List of massage practitioners
  4. List of names, residential addresses, and phone numbers of the people listed as business owner(s). Types of owners include the following:
    • Corporate officer’s, director’s and stockholders with > 10% of stock
    • Partners, including limited partners
    • Applicant and all other advanced practitioners operating under the solo establishment permit
  5. List of previous massage establishment licenses held and if revoked, describe why.
  6. Completed Health permit application zoning referral (pdf)
  7. Completed Fire marshal application and inspection referral form (pdf)
  8. Original copy of your valid advanced massage practitioner permit for a solo massage establishment
  9. Application fee for massage establishments, solo massage, or outcall massage services. The check or money order can be made payable to SFDPH (San Francisco Department of Public Health). Bounced check fees are $50.00
  10. Deposit for plan check and hourly rated field consultation during construction is required. See 'Structural Requirements.'
  11. Referral form for Dept. of Building Inspections (pdf) - Not required for outcall massage service
  12. Affidavit (if accessory to massage) (pdf)
  13. Workers' Compensation Declaration (pdf)

B. Submit Referral background check request form (pdf) to the San Francisco Police Department, other county law enforcement agency, or State certified, background check agency for all owners, partners, corporate officers, and stockholders with > 10% stock holdings.