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San Francisco Departmental Climate Working Group

SFDPH's Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability is participating in the City's Departmental Climate Working Group, comprised of representatives from City departments and coordinated by the Mayor's Office of Climate Protection Initiatives and the Department of the Environment.  Climate Working Group members are tasked with assessing greenhouse gas emissions for their respective departments in collaboration with the Department of the Environment and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and creating a Departmental Climate Action Plan that identifies and makes recommendation on greenhouse gas emission reduction measures applicable to (i) operations of the department and other City greenhouse gas emission sources within its jurisdiction, and (ii) private sector greenhouse gas emission sources regulated by the department.  The Departmental Climate Action Plans also identify the potential costs of identified measures and the estimated potential benefits of elements in the plan for reducing greenhouse gases, and may also identify other economic and non-economic impacts to the City's economy and environment - including health impacts - as stipulated in the San Francisco Environment Code, updated May 2008.