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San Francisco Health Code:

Article 12A Backflow

Article 12B Borings & Wells

Article 12C Alternate Water

Article 15 Pools and spas

California Codes

Title 17 Chapter 5

Pool Codes

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CDC's Healthy Swimming

SFPUC Beach Water Quality

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Well Definitions (pdf)

DPH Rules and Regulations on Non-Potable Water (pdf)

Water Document Archive

SFDPH Fee Schedule

Water Quality Program

The goal of the Water Quality Program is to ensure safe water for recreational, nonpotable and potable uses. Unsafe water can lead to a bacterial or viral infection, particularly in vulnerable populations such as young children. Maintaining safe conditions in recreational swimming pools and spas helps prevent drowning and the spread of infectious diseases.



Principal Water Program Activities and Services

Backflow Assembly Tester Certification

  Preventing contamination of drinking water with unsafe water sources

On-site Treatment and Reuse of Non-Potable Water

  Operation of alternate water source systems

Compostable Toilets

  Application for pilot installations of compostable toilets in selected settings

Swimming Pool and Spa

  Applications, permits and information on regulation of swimming pools and spas

Well Construction/Destruction Permits

  Applications, permits and information on regulation of wells and soil borings

Cryptosporidiosis Surveillance Project

  Active laboratory surveillance for confirmed cryptosporidiosis in the counties served by SFPUC.


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