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Water Quality: Swimming Pools & Spas

Plan Review Approval for Existing Swimming Pools and Spa Pools

Submit the following four items to:

Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Management Section
Attention: Water Quality Health Inspector
1390 Market Street, Ste. 210
San Francisco, CA 94102

  1. Major remodeling Deposit for review of plans
  2. Minor remodeling Deposit for review of plans
  3. Detailed construction plans
  4. Pool/Spa Data Sheet.

Refer to the Helpful Links for deposit fee information.

Any changes (except for replacing equipment with the same manufacture, make, model, size), to an existing pool must be done with the Health Department’s review and approvals prior to beginning such work.  Work that requires review and approval includes plastering of the pool shell, remodeling or making any changes to the recirculation/filtration equipment  changing pipe material, replacing any materials such as the pool deck, pool enclosure or remodeling of an existing locker room, showers, or lavatories.

During construction, contact this office to schedule site inspections prior to plastering, covering/backfilling any piping, or placing the pool or spa into operation.

The plan review deposit program tracts the amount of time spent on remodeling projects.  At the end of the project a time accounting is issued.  If funds remain in the deposit a refund of the remaining money is made.  If the deposit was insufficient to cover the Health Department’s time, the outstanding amount due is requested.