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Water Quality: Swimming Pools & Spas

Permit to Operate for Newly Constructed Swimming Pools and Spas

To obtain a permit to operate a newly constructed swimming pool or spa pool, submit the following items to:

Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Management Section
Attention: Water Quality Health Inspector
1390 Market Street, Ste. 210
San Francisco, CA 94102

  1. An application for a Permit to Operate a public swimming pool or spa pool. Include a one time application fee. Make check payable to the Department of Public Health.
  2. Master File Record
  3. Deposit for review of plans.
  4. Detailed construction plans. See Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Construction Guidelines for information required to be submitted on drawings.
  5. Pool/Spa Data Sheet.

The above submittals will be reviewed and approved by the Department of Public Health.  It is also necessary to obtain building, plumbing, and electrical permits from the Department of Public Works for the actual construction of the pool or spa. The Department of Public Works is located at 1660 Mission Street.

During construction, contact this office to schedule site inspections prior to gunniting, plastering, covering/backfilling any piping, or placing the pool into operation.

Once the final construction and final operation inspections have been conducted and the Swimming Pool or Spa Pool have been approved for the Permit to Operate, the San Francisco Tax Collector’s License Bureau will be notified and an account opened.  A bill for the pro-rated amount of the annual swimming pool or spa pool license certificate will be issued by the SF Tax Collector.  The annual license period for Swimming Pools and Spa Polls is from October 1 through September 31.  All license fees are collected by the San Francisco Tax Collector.  All payments of money shall be made payable to the San Francisco Tax Collector.

The annual license certificate will be the annual validation of the permit to operate.  Once the license certificate has been paid the Permit to Operate will be released.