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Water Quality: Swimming Pools & Spas

Swimming Pool/ Spa Pool Plan Review Process

The City and County of San Francisco has a central plan review process where by all plans are submitted to the Department of Building Inspections (DBI) for issuance of a building permit. The plans stamped by DBI are officially routed to the Health Department for review and approval. It is necessary to obtain separate plumbing, and electrical permits from the Department of Building Inspections for the actual construction of the pool or spa. The Department of Building Inspections is located at 1660 Mission Street. The Health Department’s plan review fees and submittals are required in order to begin the review of drawings for the Health Departments approval of the building departments application drawing for a building permit.

During construction, contact this office to schedule the following site inspections:

  • prior to gunniting pool or spa shell, or setting prefabricated spa shell
  • prior to plastering pool or spa shell
  • covering/backfilling any piping
  • placing the pool into operation.