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Well Program:


Permit for Construction/Destruction: Monitoring Wells & Soil Borings

  1. Complete an application for construction/destruction permit of  a monitoring well or soil boring. (4 pages: includes the these procedures and fees)
  2. A one-time non-refundable filing fee per site and other fees must be submitted with the application 30 days prior to drilling. Make the check payable to "San Francisco Department of Public Health".
  3. In addition to application fees required, please submit the deposit fee amount according to the Fee Schedule of Licenses, Permits, Fines & Service Charges for the type of proposed drilling.

    Submit your application to: Environmental Health Section
    Monitoring Well Program
    1390 Market St. Suite 210
    San Francisco, CA 94102

    All fees due may be combined into a single check.

  4. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, Permit to Construct/Destruct will be issued to the applicant. Well construction and soil boring permits are valid for 6 months from the date of issuance. Well destruction permits are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.  If work has not commenced within such time, re-submission of plans and deposit may be required. The geologist/consultant/well driller is responsible for contacting the well inspector to schedule the required inspections. It is recommended that as much advance notice as possible be given so that the required site inspections may be scheduled. Once the inspection has been scheduled the authorized work may begin.
  5. Contact the Monitoring Well Section at 415-252-3849. Drillers may not commence work until the application has been approved.
    • At least 10 days in advance of drilling
    • Advance 48 hour notice is required for inspection of the annular seal.
    • Minimum advanced notice of 24 hours must be provided prior to well development and water sampling.
  6. Any person violating this section by failing to submit plans, obtain necessary inspections and approvals, make deposits or commence or continue construction or destruction is in violation hereof and shall be subject to penalties and abatement actions.
  7. The approval of plans and specifications shall not prevent this Department from requiring corrections, specifications, installations and operation in such plans, when in violation of applicable codes and laws.

Permit to Operate

  1. Prior to the completion of the construction of the monitoring wells, submit an application for the permit to operate (pdf). The responsible party for operation or maintenance of the well and responsibility for annual permit fees must sign the application.
  2. Submit a copy of the Department of Water Resources Well Drillers Report, Form 188, to the Water Quality Control Section within 30 days after completion of the work.
  3. Once the Permit to Operate has been approved, the Tax Collector will be notified . The Tax Collector will bill the property owner/operator or other responsible party for the prorated amount of the annual license fee per well according to the San Francisco Health and Municipal Codes. Please pay the Tax Collector within 5 working days. Once the permit fee has been paid the Permit to Operate the well will be issued.
  4. The fee will be billed annually until the well is abandoned. Contact this Section prior to abandonment of the well to obtain the required Permit to Abandon Well.