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Frequently Asked Questions


San Francisco General Hospital Rebuild

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1.         Why do we need to rebuild the hospital?
State law requires that all acute care hospitals meet the standards for earthquake safety. Otherwise hospitals will have to close in 2013.

2.         Why is it important to keep San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center open

  1. General Hospital is truly for everyone:
  2. It is the only trauma center in San Francisco.
  3. Almost 30% of all ambulances in the city go to SFGH.
  4. It provides 20% of the city's inpatient care.
  5. It serves 100,000 patients every year.
  6. It has San Francisco's only Psychiatric Emergency Room. It is the largest psychiatric inpatient care facility.

3.        How did the rebuild get approved? How much will it cost?
In November 2008, 84 percent of San Francisco voters (a record number) passed Proposition A. The city could then finance the hospital rebuild with $887.4 million in general obligation bonds.

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, a non-profit organization, will lead a separate effort to raise funds to for hospital furniture, supplies and equipment.

The city’s budget will continue to pay the hospital's operating costs.

4.         Where will the new hospital be built?
The new hospital will be located on the front lawn of the campus on Potrero Avenue, between 22nd and 23rd streets.

5.        What is the design of the new hospital?
The hospital will have nine stories (floors). Two stories will be below ground. The new building will be curved to allow for the best patient care inside and a graceful design on the outside. The new hospital will use design principles to protect the environment. The goal is to reach the Gold level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

6.         When will construction take place?
Construction is scheduled to be complete in 2015. We must make sure that the current hospital can continue to serve our patients during the construction period. This includes rerouting of underground utilities, making changes to the hospital campus, changing internal traffic patterns and parking, and creating space for the construction team. These activities will take place from April 2009 into 2010. 

The major construction is scheduled to happen from 2010 to 2015. After that we will equip and furnish the building, get inspected and train staff for the new workplace.


7.        Will the new hospital be able to care for more patients?
Yes. The new hospital will have 32 more beds than the current hospital, for a total of 284 beds.

8.         Where can I go for more information?
Information line: (415) 206-5784
Safety hotline: (415) 206-4500
Web Site: