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The mission of the San Francisco Department of Public Health (the Department) is to protect and promote the health of all San Franciscans. As part of fulfilling its mission, the Department engages in providing quality, comprehensive, culturally-proficient health services and ensuring equal access to all. The Department’s services are designed to address the health needs of San Francisco residents. The Department continually works to ensure access to services that are relevant to the health needs of San Francisco’s communities.


Currently, the HSF program and the Department provide the following health services to transgender residents:

  • Primary Care
  • MHSA Treatment
  • Peer Support
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Speciality & Inpatient Care

The San Francisco Department of Public Health endeavors to provide high-quality, responsive, and relevant mental health and substance abuse treatment for all those who access services. For those individuals who prefer care and treatment in a setting specifically designated for transsexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming individuals, the following places are available:

The San Francisco Department of Public Health recognizes the work of individuals and groups inside and outside of the DPH network of care and supports ongoing collaborations with community partners to promote community-driven initiatives.

  • CBHS/MHSA-Office of Self Help (415) 255-3908 - Amber Gray
  • Pathway to Discovery (DPH Program) Contact: (415) 255-3615
  • Trans:Thrive
  • El/La

    Hormone Replacement Therapy is a medical intervention that some transsexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming individuals pursue. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is available through primary care clinics. To initiate or continue (HRT), contact your preferred primary care clinic and request an appointment with a provider.

    Additional resources and information about HRT can be found here.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health is in the process of developing a small pilot program for the provision of transition surgeries, also known as Sexual Reassignment Surgeries. Further information about the new program can be found here.

Additional resources and information about transition surgeries can be found here.


The Department has also created a new program to provide transition surgery to uninsured adult transgender residents. Learn more

For further information contact:

Upcoming Events for Patients

The Transgender Health Services team will be hosting a number of orientation sessions to explain the new surgery program and describe the pathways to accessing transgender health services in San Francisco. Please check back for upcoming dates and locations.

Upcoming Events for Providers

A small DPH working group created a mandatory Transgender 101 training for all DPH employees who work with patients and clients. The online training will be available soon. In addition to a Beyond the Basics Workshop, and a Youth Specific Workshop, the committee plans to produce ongoing workshops for further training opportunities. Please check back for further information.