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Dental Clinic

Our dentists and dental assistants  provide basic dental care for children/teens and adults in Bayview Hunter’s Point (BVHP). Routine dental care is by appointment only. Urgent dental care is provided through drop in on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday between 8:00am and 10:00am.


We primarily serve African Americans in addition to Latin Americans and a significant number of Pacific Islanders. In 2007-2008, we treated 2000 patients. 80% of our patients were adults, and 20% were kids between 6 and 16. Currently, we are placing special focus on children, pregnant women and emergency dental care.

Our services include:

Dental cleanings

Tooth fillings


Oral Exams



Periodontal work

Referrals to dental specialists

Treatment of TM joint and oral facial pain problems

Children’s Day – last Friday of each month


To improve BVHP’s access to oral health care


To expand our Dental Clinic services by being open more week days and working hours

To provide denture and prosthetic services

Do NOT email the Community Health Network if you wish to inquire about ANY medical situation or problem. Instead, please call San Francisco General Hospital at 415-206-8000 

Any email question may not be read right away. For issues or questions other than medically related, you may email the Community Health Network