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Preceptors/SFGH Staff

Preceptors/SFGH Staff are employed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) or a SFDPH subcontractor (like UCSF) and located at a SFDPH facility. It is the responsibility of SFGH staff or preceptor to provide instruction, supervision and or mentorship to fulfill the student’s educational experience. 

In addition, the preceptor will maintain required records, address conflicts or concerns, and evaluate placements. You must keep a hard or electronic copy of the required forms for three years as preceptors/SFGH staff are solely responsible for the documentation of completing the student placement process.  In the case of an audit, the forms must be readily available.  Please review the SFGH Student Placement Policy available on the SFDPH intranet site.

Students and school staff must contact the SFGH staff person/area of interest directly.  This allows you to see if you can place a student or make future arrangements for the student. Immediately following the student inquiry and open availability, please check the Table of Schools and Programs to see if the school and program area is already approved.  If not, please contact the Department of Education and Training.

Preceptors and SFGH staff are not required to take students, even if there is a valid student agreement. It is up to your availability of staff and projects available for students that will determine if placement is available. To help assure you have a space, please use the Student Placement Agreement Form below.


Preceptor/SFGH Staff Required Forms:
Student Placement Agreement Form - Complete to assure there is an agreement
Student Placement Form - Please note you are required to review and sign this form.

Complete only if your student requires:
Invision/LCR Access
Online User Confidentiality and Security Agreement - Please note, an active directory account will need to be made for the student

Keep original copy and mail, scan or fax to the Department of Education and Training.