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The Clinical Work Group is committed to a consensus building process that represents our systems of care across disciplines and service modalities including substance abuse, mental health, community based organizations, and civil service programs.

Core Workgroup Membership will be limited to about 10 participants based upon areas of interest, program and service representation needed.  We strive to get input from a wide range of sources outside of the Core Workgroup including hosting focus groups, soliciting participation on a task force, via electronic communication (e-mail, web posting, surveys), and convening subcommittees around subject areas that require more in depth discussion.

Clinical Work Group Tasks:

  1. Explore current practices with regards to client flow and corresponding work flow
  2. Review Authorizations and Utilization Review Requirements
  3. Policy Issues
  4. Review and Develop Data Collection Requirements
  5. Documentation screens/forms in Clinician Work Station for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  6. Review Interoperability issues
  7. Provide System Testing
  8. ePrescribing:  A task force requiring Psychiatrist, other prescriber and Pharmacy input.
  9. Consumer Portal/PHR Planning:  A task force requiring consumer and family member input.


For more information or to apply for work Group membership, email: