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CBHS Computer Account and Training Request Form

Certification and Verification for Staff ID

User Confidentiality, Security and Electronic Signature Agreement

Avatar Correction Request Form

Avatar Correction Procedure

Web Connect

End User Guide

Technical Guide

User Guides

Adult/Older Adult Assessments

Adult/Older Adult Treatment Plan of Care/Reassessment

ASI Input

CalOMS Forms and Workflow

CalOMS Correction Procedures

Change Admission Date

Delete or Reassign To Do Item

Edit Service Information

MH Admission Outpatient Bundle

Progress Notes - Group

Progress Notes - Individual

Residential Forms and Workflow

Residential Workflow Diagram

SA Admission OP Bundles

Timely Access User Guide

Transfer Practitioner Caseload and Refresh Caseload

Workflow for Supervising Clinicians

CANS Documentation

CANS 0-4 Year Old Scoring Manual

CANS 5-18 Year Old Scoring Manual (English)

CANS 5-18 Year Old Scoring Manual (EspaƱol)

CANS Initial Assessment Entry in Avatar

CANS Treatment Plan Entry in Avatar (New Version 4/21/2011)

CANS Treatment Plan Entry in Avatar for Substance Use Treatment Providers

CANS Treatment Planning Clinical Guide

Billing Documentation

Avatar Billing User Bulletins
  1. Bulletin #1 (November 2010)
  2. Bulletin #2 (December 2010)
  3. Bulletin #3 (February 2011)
  4. Bulletin #4 (March 2011)
  5. Bulletin #5 (April 2011)
  6. Bulletin #6 (June 2011)
  7. Bulletin #7 (April 2012)
  8. Bulletin #8 (April 2012)
  9. Bulletin #9 (June 2012)
  10. Bulletin #10 (March 2013)

BH7019 Manual Claims Adjustment Form

Billing Reports Manual

Centralized Financial Eligibility Flowchart
  1. New Client CFE Process Flow
  2. Existing Client CFE Process Flow

Episode Guarantor Information Guide

FAQs for Centralized Financial Eligibility - Part I

FAQs for Centralized Financial Eligibility - Part II

Family Registration Guide

Financial Eligibility Guide

Guarantor List

Medi-Cal Aid Codes

Medi-Cal Claims Void and Replace Flowchart

Medi-Cal Share of Cost FAQ

Medi-Cal Share of Cost Fact Sheet

Medicare - ABN

Medicare and Mental Health Benefits

Medicare Handout 2014

Medicare Handbook (zip files) 2013 | 2014

PFI Due Report Instructions

UMDAP Sliding Fee Scale

Client Zipcode Update for HIPAA 5010

Place of Service to CSI Service Location Crosswalk

OrderConnect Documentation

Avatar User Guide: Health Monitoring

Avatar User Guide: Med List

CBHS Electronic Prescribing Policy

OrderConnect User Guide - Prescribing

OrderConnect User Guide - Tab Functionality

OrderConnect Standard Reports Guide

OrderConnect FAQs

My Infoscriber login failed through Avatar. What do I do?

How do I access Infoscriber through the web?

How do I find my pharmacy?

How can I set a Default Pharmacy for a patient?

Why is my eRX option not on?

Why did I receive a transmission error email?

What is a chart copy?

How do I enter a dosing range and send through eRX?

How do I extend an RX end date without dispensing a medication?

How can I check which output (print, eFax, eRx, None) was selected for my prescription order?

How can I tell where my eFax or eRx was sent (and if it was sent successfully)?

How can I notify the pharmacy of a discontinued prescription?

Downtime Procedures and Forms

Loss of Access to Avatar-Backup Plan