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HIV/AIDS Programs & Research

DPH's HIV/AIDS Programs & Research comprises three units working together to perform research, address issues, and reach out to the community, all with the singular goal of reducing San Francisco's HIV risk.

Maternal and
Child Health

For children, families, or women of childbearing age, DPH's Maternal and Child Health (MCH) section is a haven of education and resources as well as low-cost and free clinical services for those that qualify. MCH also performs research into critical topics such as domestic violence, dietary trends, SIDS, and substance abuse.


Communicable Disease Control & Prevention

Communicable Disease Control & Prevention (CDCP) is a unique section of DPH dedicated to containing the spread of disease and infection. CDCP's scope includes infectious disease control, vaccination, bioterrorism research and preparedness, and research into disease trends.


Health Education Training Center (HETC)

For health care professionals, organizational staff, or residents with an interest in health and medicine, the Heath Education Training Center (HETC) provides the opportunity to learn more about a variety of highly specified topics. Health education and care professionals can also advance their careers through continuing education courses. You can now register for courses online.


SFDPH Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2011/2012

SFDPH just released its Annual Report for Fiscal year 2011/2012. Read the report to learn about SFDPH's achievements during the fiscal year -- and to learn more about SFDPH services and public health efforts designed to protect and promote the health of all San Franciscans.


Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health Section - Nutrition Services

Not everyone has access to the information and education necessary for a healthy diet. DPH's nutrition services offer multilingual programs, tips, guides, and educational literature to help low-income and non-English-speaking residents live healthy with the right food.


San Francisco's Community Health Improvement Plan

As a result of a comprehensive community health assessment, the San Francisco Department of Public Health and its community partners have created the San Francisco Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). San Francisco's CHIP is a 3- to 5-year action-oriented plan outlining three priority health issues for the city:

  • Ensure Safe + Healthy Living Environments
  • Increase Healthy Eating + Physical Activity
  • Increase Access to High Quality Health Care + Services

The CHIP includes goals and objectives for each priority, as well as strategies and measures to improve community health.


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