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San Francisco Health Code:

Article 19F Enclosed Spaces

Article 19I Public Spaces

Article 19N Electronic Cigarettes

Article 19O Smokeless Tobacco


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Athletic Venues: No Smoking, Vaping, or Use of Smokeless Tobacco Requirement


Smokeless rules apply at ATT ParkSmokeless rules apply at schools such as this 9th grade gymSmokeless rules apply at races and other events held on public streetsSmokeless rules apply at bowling alleysSmokeless rules apply at public swimming poolsSmokeless rules apply at public school playing fields

New San Francisco Health Code, Article 19O – No Use of Smokeless Tobacco at Athletic Venues

Sports Arena Definition

“Sports Arena” means sports stadiums, gymnasiums, health spas, boxing arenas, swimming pools, roller and ice rinks, bowling alleys and similar venues  or fields where public assembles to engage in physical exercise, participate in athletic competition or witness sports events on private and public properties (except federal and state properties).



Effective January 1, 2016, sports arena property owners, managers, and operators may not allow smoking, vaping, or use of smokeless tobacco products in any enclosed or open area of the sports arena, including but not limited to, parking areas, ramps, seating, private suites and corridors to private suites, dug outs, bullpens, training and locker rooms, press boxes, television and radio broadcast booths, and bathrooms, etc.



Sports arena property owners, managers, and operators are required to take the following steps to prevent smoking, vaping, and use of smokeless tobacco products:

  1. Post signage as required in Article 19O Rules and Regulations (Draft Article 19O Rules and Regulations will be available in July 2016);
  2. When observed by sports arena owners, managers, operators, staff or security and when appropriate, request that any person smoking, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco anywhere on the property to refrain from the activity; and
  3. Remove any ashtrays from inside the premises, including but not limited to, offices, private suites, vendor booths, etc.


For more recommendations, please review the Environmental Health (EH) letter and Tobacco Free Project (TFP) FAQ.

San Francisco Health Code Article 19O Rules and Regulations

San Francisco Department of Public Health in collaboration with other City departments will develop Article 19O rules and regulations that will include signage guidance.  A draft of the Article 19O rules and regulations will be available for review in July 2016.


Making a Complaint

If you witness use of smokeless tobacco in an athletic venue, you may report a complaint to the Environmental Health Branch by calling 311.

311 City Customer Service Agency - Service 24x7

San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch

Please also refer to the guide to the many different agencies that handle complaints about odors and fumes.