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Kyle Chan
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Senior Environmental Health Inspector

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Food Safety Program

Temporary Food Facilities (TFFs) Handwashing Requirements

A hand wash station must be located in an accessible location within booths where food is prepared or samples are distributed. If a hard-plumbed sink with hot and cold potable water is not available, an alternative hand washing station may be used, consisting of the following:

Handwashing Station Requirements for Temporary Food Facilities

  • Warm potable water (100° – 108°F) stored in an insulated food-grade container that is capable of maintaining warm wa ter for the duration of the event. The container must have a hands-free spigot that can remain locked in the open position while washing hands.
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Single-use paper towels
  • Waste water container (five-gallon capacity)
  • Garbage can



How to meet the requirements

Achieving Warm Water of 100˚ - 108 ˚F

Fill container with warm water at approved food facility and transport to the event or heat water at the event using a cooking range or an electric kettle.


Hands-free Water Spigot

Containers with a push-button spigot can be retrofitted with a lever-type spigot; all materials used must be food-grade. Spigots may be purchased from the manufacturer or from stores where insulated water containers are sold.


Examples of Allowable Containers and Warm Water Spigots:

Examples of Acceptable Containers and Warm Water Spigots



1. Warm water is not required in booths where only beer and wine are dispensed and sold.

2. Hand wash stations are not required in booths where only prepackaged food is sold and samplesare not offered (hand washing facilities are required at the restroom area within 200').


For a printable version of this page, please click Handwash Handout.