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Kyle Chan
Senior Environmental Health Inspector

(415) 252 - 3837

Amy Johnson

Environmental Health Technician

(415) 252 - 3867

Food Safety Program: Temporary Food Facilities (TFFs) at Special Events

A Temporary Food Facility (TFF) is any person (or organization) intending to sell, give away, or sample food to the public from a fixed location for a period of time, not to exceed 25 days in a 90-day period, in conjunction with a community event.


Important Deadlines for Special Event Permits

    14 Days or More Prior to the Event: All completed applications and fees must be received.

    13 to 8 Days Prior to the Event: All completed applications will be assessed a 50% late fee.

    7 Days or Less Prior to the Event: Applications will be denied and no food or beverage service shall be allowed.


Obtaining a Permit

SFDPH will give initial approval for the event upon receipt of the following items:

  1. Completed Sponsor Organizer Application (pdf)
  2. Completed TFF Concessionaire Application (pdf) for each Food and/or Beverage Booth.
  3. Completed MFF Concessionaire Application (pdf) for each Food Truck or Cart
  4. Site map (indicating temporary food facilities, mobile food facilities, restroom locations, and grey water disposal)
  5. List of Temporary Food Facilities (indicate multiple booths) and Mobile Food Facilities. Please be sure the facilities have completed the entirety of their concessionaire applications.

After completion, please schedule an appointment with SFDPH to meet and discuss the event, review the application packet, and complete associated fees at least 14 days prior to the event. Please send any other correspondence to:

  • Environmental Health Branch
  • Attn: Temporary Events Program
  • 49 South Van Ness Ave., Suite 600
  • San Francisco, CA 94103


Temporary Food Facilities at Special Events

Each TFF is required to fall under the permit obtained by the Sponsor coordinating the event. The sponsor is responsible for compliance at each event as well as the timely submission of all applications, fees and site plan. The fee worksheet (pdf) will be completed by the Health Department AFTER the complete application is submitted.

Temporary Food Facilities at Farmers Markets

TFFs at farmers markets must also obtain a permit to operate under an umbrella Temporary Event Permit for the market. The Farmers'Market Manager is responsible for obtaining the Temporary Event Permit for all TFFs. The Health Department cannot accept applications for the Temp Event Permits from individual TFFs. To help calculate the total fees due, review the Farmers' Market Fee Worksheet. (pdf)

  1. Farmers Market Sponsor Application (pdf)
  2. Farmers Market Concessionaire Application (pdf) to be completed by each TFF.


Related Agencies

Other permits or approvals may be required by the following agencies for temporary food facilities:

  • San Francisco Fire Department (open flame, Mobile Food Facilities, or a generator used) - (415) 558-3311 or (415) 558-3300
  • San Francisco Department of Public Works (sidewalk used) - (415) 554-5810
  • State ABC (alcohol sales) - (415) 356-6500
  • San Francisco Police Department (public property used) - (415) 553-1115
  • San Francisco Recreation and Parks (park property used) - (415) 831-5500
  • SF Department of Public Health's Tattoo, Body Piercing and Permanent Cosmetic program (body modification permits (i.e. tattoos) required) - (415) 252-3971
  • Recology (recycling, composting and landfill) - (888) 404-4008