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AB1219 California Good Samaritan Food Donation Act


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Limited Service Charitable Feeding Operation

Effective January 1, 2019, Assembly Bill (AB) 2178 is defined a limited service charitable feeding operation (LSCFO) as a nonprofit charitable organization that provides food service to a consumer solely for providing charity.

AB 2178 exempts a Limited Service Charitable Food Operation (LSCFO) from the definition of a food facility, as defined in the California Retail Food Code (CalCode), thus providing environmental health departments regulatory flexibility for LSCFOs to serve wholesome food to people that are food insecure.

It also exempts LSCFOs from many requirements of CalCode except for specified general food safety sections.  The goal is to safely utilize the existing infrastructure by limiting the type of food preparation and serving that can occur at a building that does not have a permitted commercial kitchen but would be safe to prepare and serve the foods in a limited fashion.  The operation must comply with best management practices approved by the City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch.  LSCFOs may qualify for and obtain a registration (or be exempt from registration) in lieu of an Environmental Health permit. 

An Introduction to Limited Service Charitable Feeding Operations (LSCFOs)

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