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Medical Cannabis Dispensary Program

San Francisco Health Code Article 33

Guide to the Code and Rules & Regulations

The following pages describe elements of SFHC Article 33 Code, Rules & Regulations and Standard Operating Procedures:

<Application>   <Permit Decision>   <General Operation>   <Edibles>   <Delivery>

In the event of any discrepancy or conflict between what is described on this page, language in the Code and/or adopted MCD Rules and Rules for Edibles) take precedent.



No edible cannabis products requiring refrigeration or hot-holding shall be sold or distributed at an MCD.



  • • Edible cannabis products should be prepared in a kitchen equipped with a sink available for hand washing, liquid soap, and paper towels.
  • • No other food preparation should take place during the production of edible cannabis products.
  • • During preparation, children and pets should not be in the kitchen/preparation area.
  • • Utensils, equipment, and food contact surfaces should be clean and sanitized before and after preparation.
  • • Equipment and food contact surfaces should be in good, cleanable condition.
  • • Ingredient storage areas should be kept clean and vermin-free.
  • • Individuals conducting the manufacturing or sale of products shall thoroughly wash their hands before commencing production and before handling the finished product.
  • • Individuals who are suffering from symptoms associated with acute gastrointestinal illness or are known to be infected with a communicable disease that is transmissible through foodstuffs are prohibited from preparing edible cannabis products until they are free of that illness or disease, or are incapable of transmitting the illness or disease through foodstuffs. Anyone who has sores or cuts on their hands must use gloves when preparing and handling edible cannabis products.
  • • Edible cannabis products for sale or distribution at an MCD must have been prepared by a member of that MCD. No non-member edible cannabis products are allowed for sale or distribution at an MCD.

A patient/caregiver who produces edible cannabis products that are sold at more than one MCD in San Francisco must hold a valid certificate for Food Handlers from the State of California. If more than one person is involved in producing edible cannabis products at one home or facility, only one person needs to be certified.



Edible cannabis items shall be individually wrapped at the original point of preparation. Gloves must be worn when packaging edible cannabis products. Packaging that makes the product attractive to children or imitates candy is not allowed. Edible cannabis product must be in a properly labeled opaque (non see-through) package before it leaves the dispensary.



Each individually wrapped package must include a clear and legible label on the front with the following information:

  • • The statement "Keep Out Of Reach Of Children"
  • • The statement "For Medical Use Only"
  • • Net weight (in ounces or grams) of cannabis in the individually wrapped product
  • • Date of manufacture.
  • • A warning if nuts or other known allergens are used


Product Name

If the edible medical cannabis product is identified on the label using a common food name (i.e. Brownie, Honey, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie, or Green Tea), the phrase "MEDICAL CANNABIS" must be written immediately preceding the common food name and in the same font size. nly generic food names may be used to describe the product. As an example, using "Snickerdoodle" to describe a cinnamon cookie is prohibited.



Photos or images of food are not allowed on edible medical cannabis product packaging.





Making a Complaint

If you would like to make a complaint regarding MCD permits, you may call 311.

311 City Customer Service Agency - Service 24x7

San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch