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San Francisco Health Network
Environmental Health

Community Indicators

The PHES team has become well known for producing innovative metrics to inform the development of healthy places, through policy and planning. The community indicator projects below have been used for a wide variety of activities, including: land use planning, economic development, housing policy, research, community advocacy, and health impact assessment. We continue to work in close partnership with other city agencies and community groups to ensure that data is used to facilitate meaningful participation and informed decision making.

San Francisco Indicator Project:
The San Francisco Indicator Project is a neighborhood-level data system that measures how San Francisco performs in eight dimensions of a healthy, equitable community. The goal of this project is to support collaboration, planning, decision making, and advocacy for social and physical environments that meet the needs of all citizens.

The Central Market/Tenderloin Data Portal:
The Central Market/Tenderloin Data Portal tracks changes in environmental and socioeconomic measures of wellbeing in the Tenderloin Neighborhood and Central Market Corridor to support neighborhood-based improvement efforts. The goal of the Portal is to increase awareness of improvement activities, facilitate collaboration and engagement, assist in prioritizing investments, and support community groups in advocating for their needs. It is a collaborative project of the City and County of San Francisco and the Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership.