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Orders Issued by the San Francisco Health Officer Relevant to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Safer Return Together

On January 10, 2022, Health Order C19-07y was updated to align with new changes from the State of California around Mega-Events thresholds and requirements; and added recommendation to wear higher-quality masks and recommendation for children in schools be up-to-date on vaccination.  The previous revision temporarily suspending certain exemptions to the indoor universal mask requirement remains in effect until February 1, 2022. A Redline is available. C19-07y will continue until amended or rescinded by the Health Officer. Please see the FAQ for more information on C19-07y.

Note: On June 15, 2021, the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy was replaced by statewide COVID-19 guidance for certain settings. The San Francisco Health Officer's declaration of a health emergency arising from the pandemic continues to be in effect.

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Safer Return Together Health Order


Safer-Return-Together Order C19-07y -- UPDATED Jan 10, 2022*   translations updated as of 1/6/2022:   中文  |   Pilipino  |   Español

Frequently Asked Questions about C19-07y

Redline of Health Order C19-07y

Vaccine Verification  |   State and Local Mandates  |   Mega Events Summary Chart  |   Health and Safety Plan Template for Events

             Sample Vaccine Verification or Declination Form: English  |   中文  |   Pilipino  |   Español

* Health Orders related to COVID-19 are numbered C19-##. When a number is followed by a lowercase letter, the letter shows that the item has been amended.  The current version of C19-07 replaces previous C19-07 orders: C19-07y (June 15 et seq), C19-07x (May 20), C19-07w (May 6), C19-07v (April 14), C19-07u (March 23), C19-07t (March 2) C19-07s (Jan 27, Feb 8) C19-07r (Jan 20, 2021), C19-07q (Dec 9, 17 and 30, 2020), C19-07p (Dec 4),C19-07o (Nov 28), C19-07n (Nov 3 and 10), C19-07m (November 3), C19-07l (October 27), C19-07k (October 20), C19-07j (September 30), C19-07i (Sepember 14), C19-07h (September 1), C19-07g (August 14), C19-07f (July 13 and 20), C19-07e (June 1 and 11), C19-07d (May 18), C19-07c (April 29), C19-07b (March 31), C19-07 (March 16, 2020).


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C19-15 Reporting Template (xlsx)

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Protective Quarantine at LHH C19-11 was rescinded on December 14, 2021.