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San Francisco Health Network

Orders Issued by the San Francisco Health Officer Relevant to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


On March 6, 2020 San Francisco Health Officer Tomas Aragon declared a health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently enacted Health Orders to protect the public health. Health Orders are enforceable laws and are usually accompanied by one or more Directives which provide legally binding instructions for how to comply with the Health Order. The Orders and Directives may also be accompanied by Guidance that provides suggestions and frameworks to facilitate compliance.


Health Orders related to COVID-19 are numbered C19-##. When a number is followed by a lowercase letter, the letter shows that the item has been amended.  So C19-07g was the seventh iteration of Order No. C19-07. Health Directives in calendar year 2020 are numbered 2020-## in order of release


To reopen nearly all businesses must establish a Social Distancing Protocol.

Click for Instructions and a fillable form to create a Social Distancing Protocol
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Order Name and Number


Stay-Safer-At-Home Order C19-07n -- UPDATED November 10 and 16

    Appendix A | Appendix C-1 | Appendix C-2

    A-1 Personnel Screening Handout

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    A-2 Non-Personnel Screening Handout


Also known as the Shelter-in-Place Order--This is the main order that states what activities are allowed and prohibited during the COVID-19 Emergency.

Replaces previous C19-07 orders: C19-07m (November 3), C19-07l (October 27), C19-07k (October 20), C19-07j (September 30), C19-07i (Sepember 14), C19-07h (September 1), C19-07g (August 14), C19-07f (July 13 and 20), C19-07e (June 1 and 11), C19-07d (May 18), C19-07c (April 29), C19-07b (March 31), C19-07 (March 16).


Special Note: Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases the Health Officer is suspending or restricting certain activities. Please see the Summary of Changes to C19-07 or the Health Directives page for more details.

Redline comparing current Health Order to previous version.


Testing Requirements for Health Facilities and Providers

    C19-15c Updated November 6, 2020


This order was issued on July 21 and updated on August 13 and November 6, 2020. It sets forth requirements and priorities for COVID-19 testing.


Postmortem Testing C19-14

    C19-14 FAQ for Professionals

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     and FAQ for Familiies

                 中文 | Pilipino | Español | Русский | Tiếng Việt.


This order released on June 25, 2020 sets forth requirements for Postmortem COVID-19 testing.


Requiring Face Coverings C19-12c UPDATED July 22, 2020


This order updates the original Face Covering Orders (C19-12 and 12b) regarding the requirements for wearing face coverings.

Routine Appointments, Elective Surgery etc C19-08b

     and memo regarding antigen testing for elective surgery.

This order describes requirements for various medical procedures and appointments. C19-08b replaced C19-08 which had prohibited elective surgery.


Laboratory Reporting Requirements C19-10


Protective Quarantine at LHH C19-11


Testing and Reporting in Skilled Nursing Facilities C19-13


Visitor rules: Updated September 4

    General Visitor Rules for Hospitals C19-06b

    Residential Care Facilities C19-09b

    Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) C19-03b

    ZSFGH and LHH C19-01c


These Orders collectively address rules for visitors and others where vulnerable persons reside. C19-01, C19-03 and C19-09 are also available in 14 point font:   ZSFGH and LHH  |   SNFs  |   ARFs and RCFEs


Guidance and FAQ for Visits, Dining and Activities (pdf) also web page

    中文 | Pilipino | Español | Русский

One page Guidance for visitors: 中文 | Pilipino | Español | Русский

RCFE FAQs: 中文 | Pilipino | Español | Русский


Prohibiting Large Gatherings C19-05b


This order was originally issued on March 11 and was updated on March 13 Order C19-05b expanded the Prohibition of Gatherings at City Owned Properties C19-02 to broadly apply throughout CCSF


Requirements for SROs C19-04


COVID-19 Minimum Environmental Cleaning Standards

COVID-19 Fighting Products