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Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS)

Cultural & Linguistic Competency Policy


The San Francisco Department of Public Health is committed to developing and maintaining health services that are culturally competent, consumer-guided and community-based. Cultural competence is an essential requirement for health care providers to provide effective services to our diverse populations.


On January 8, 2002, the San Francisco Health Commission unanimously passed a resolution adopting the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards as general guidelines to provide a uniform framework for developing and monitoring culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

In adopting the CLAS Standards, the Commission acknowledges that the CLAS standards as implemented by the Department of Public Health are intended to be broadlyclusive of diverse racial, ethnic, sexual and other cultural and linguistic groups. The CLAS standards as utilized by the Department of Public Health are intended to serve as general guidelines and not as mandatory requirements.


The Commission also approved the formation of a Cultural Competency Task Force to address issues surrounding Cultural Competency and implementation of the policy.

A Policy and Procedure document has been developed in response to the Health Commission resolution.

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Any questions about the policy or its implementation should be addressed to the Cultural Competence Analyst at 415-244-3426