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Listen. Share. Connect. is the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s plan for improving communication with Bayview - Hunters Point.  In collaboration with community-based organizations and leaders, we are working to be better listeners, to share useful information, and to build a better relationship with one of our most historic communities.

Listen. Share. Connect. involves everyone. We want and need your support. With residents, community organizations, and local leaders working together, we will come closer to the vision of making San Francisco the healthiest place on Earth.


Let's talk about the Hunters Point Shipyard

San Franciscans have questions about the Hunters Point Shipyard. We’d like to share information that matters most to you.

The shipyard cleanup is governed by federal law.  The U.S. Navy is the lead agency responsible for cleanup and restoration. The cleanup is overseen by federal and state regulators --the U.S. EPA, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control and the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Quality Control Board. The California Department of Public Health also provides oversight and expertise. We at SFDPH review information from the Navy and regulatory agencies every step of the way, as part of our mission to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of all in San Francisco.


What happens next?

Once the land is cleaned and restored, it will be transferred to the city. So far, only Parcel A has development on transferred land. The city’s Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure oversees the development of housing on transferred land, as approved by San Francisco voters.


What is the Department of Public Health's role?

The San Francisco Department of Public Health is working to make sure that information on the cleanup progress, restoration, and future plans for the land, are available to everyone. We will continue to play a role through redevelopment, to ensure that is done in a safe manner, and will support the health and wellbeing of the shipyard residents, workers and visitors at all times.


The San Francisco Department of Public Health stands with the community.
We’re here to protect and promote health and well-being for all in San Francisco.

We want to hear and understand your concerns, in your own words.

The Department of Public Health is here to ensure that the public gets up-to-dateinformation on the Hunters Point Shipyard.

We support more than 30 programs in Bayview Hunters Point, improving access to healthy choices for you and your family.

Improving the Way

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