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Safe Biking and Walking to Work



Urban Cycling Workshops (Free!)The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition offers free bike education classes to help cyclists become safe and confident urban cyclists – for both beginning and more experienced riders. For more information, click here.

Bike Safety Guides and Resources including How to Fit Your Helmet! Available from MTA.

Bike Maps – including Parking! – The SFMTA has online maps of City bicycle lanes, routes, and paths – as well as where locations you can find garage parking for your bike. You can find it here.

City Hall Bike Room – The City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) offers a secure room in City Hall where you can store your bike while at work. There are also lockers and showers that employees can use. For more information, contact Adeline Canez at SF Environment's Clean Air Program, 415.355.3729.

City Bike Fleet – With the Director of your department's permission, SF Environment can help CCSF Empoyee set up a bike fleet and provide a free bike, U-lock, helmet, and safety vest for employees to conduct work related errands on bikes instead of using an automobile. For more information, contact Adeline Canez at SF Environment's Clean Air Program, 415.355.3729.

Many other Bicycle Commuter Resources are provided and updated regularly to support your safe commute – access them at SFMTA and SF Bicycle Coalition.

Bicycle Commuter Benefits – Bicyclists can now deduct $20 pre-tax from their paycheck each month for bicycle expenses. For more information, click here.



Report Hazardous Roadway or Sidewalk Conditions Have you encountered unsafe conditions on your walk or ride to work? Report them to the City via SF 311 (available 24 x 7), dialing 3-1-1 (within SF only) or 415.701.2311 or online.

Request Traffic Calming on your street! We all walk at some point during our commutes! While many factors –including the weather – make San Francisco a desirable place to walk, over 700 people are injured on the streets of San Francisco each year. Primary predictors of pedestrian injury on our streets include heavy traffic traveling at fast speeds. The SFMTA has a Traffic Calming program that helps local communities address these hazardous conditions. For more information including an application to request traffic calming, click here.

Walking to Transit Time your walk to transit so it's convenient. The CCSF and Regional Transit Agencies have many resources to help you plan your trip. Find links to them here.

Do you have other concerns? The City has a Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee, facilitated by the SF MTA, that meets monthly with opportunities for public comment. Find more information here.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health also maps data on walking, biking, and pedestrian and bicycle collisions, and conducts research and policy advocacy to address environmental disparities in local health conditions. Information and links to SF maps and policy strategies are accessible here.