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Arm StretchArm and Wrist Stretch

Standing with your arms at your sides and your elbows straight, move your arms out from your body about 45 degrees. Slowly turn your arms so that the palms face outward and the wrists are rotated back until you feel a stretch in the inside of your elbow.

Wrist StretchFinger Wiggles

Sitting or standing with your arms hanging naturally at your sides, wiggle your fingers while rotating your wrists and elbows forward and then backwards.


Occupational Safety & Health

Mousing Around

Mouse set-up

Today, most of the computer work we perform involves the use of a pointing device such as a mouse or trackball. Gripping the mouse too tightly or bending your wrist while using the mouse could lead to some discomfort and even pain. Follow the tips listed below to make your mouse usage healthier and more comfortable.


Mouse Positioning

Position the mouse on the same surface as your keyboard to reduce over-reaching with your arm. Continuous over-reaching may lead to shoulder discomfort.


Pointing Posture

  • While using the mouse keep wrists straight and work with your elbows relaxed at your side. Keep your whole arm and shoulder free to move with the mouse.
  • Reduce lifting the mouse when using it. Under the software Control Panel increase the speed setting of the mouse. This way the pointer will respond more quickly to smaller movements.
  • Hold the mouse or trackball loosely and keep your hand relaxed.
  • Practice letting go of your mouse when you are not using it.
  • Don’t rest your wrists on a hard work surface; instead use a cushioned mouse pad or wristrest.

Mousing Right

Wrist Straight

Mousing Wrong

Wrist Bent


Alternating Hands

To reduce the amount of stress and work to your mousing hand, try alternating the use of the mouse with your other hand. It’s not as hard as you think! Start by practicing 30 minutes a day and slowly increase the time. In a week or so you will have mastered this new skill. Remember to change the mouse button assignments in the control panel and move the mouse to the opposite side of the keyboard.


Mouse Maintenance

Clean your mouse or trackball frequently since dirt can make your pointing device difficult to move. Consult the instruction manual or your computer support staff for information on how to do this properly.