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San Francisco Department of Public Health Policy & Procedures Library

By Unit

Each policy and procedure listed in the Library identifies the "DPH Unit of Origin." This section of the Library allows the reader to find documents by looking at the DPH units responsible for various policies and procedures.


Business Office

Invoice Procedures Manual


Central Administration

Consent for Minors

Identity Data: Ethnicity Guidelines

Identity Data: Sex and Gender Guidelines

Identity Data: Sexual Orientation Guidelines


Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS):

CBHS Policies & Procedures; click here to find the policies and procedures that affect CBHS programs (Civil Service and/or Contract)


Community Health Equity and Promotion:

Healthy Food and Food Expenditure

Prohibition of E-Cigarette use at Department of Public Health Facilities

Healthy Vending Machines


Community Programs, Office of Quality Management:

Grants Policy


Community Programs, Shelter Health and Wellness

Sharps Containers in Ivy Street Alley


Compliance Office:

Compliance Policy: Operation of a Compliance Program

Compliance Program: Mission, Elements, and Responsibilities

Compliance Program Code of Conduct: Initial and Annual Acknowledgement Requirements

Determining the Eligibility of Patients/Clients for Healthcare Benefits

Immigration Status and Interactions with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents Policy

SFDPH Compliance and Privacy Poster



Trafficking Victims Protection Act



For Privacy Policies go to:


Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEO):

Speech Recognition Software


Fiscal – Payables Unit:

Healthy Food and Food Expenditure

Advance Payment to Contractors

Parking Permits/Pre-Paid Parking Cards

     Parking Permits/Pre-Paid Parking Cards: SFMTA Internal City and County Agency Order Form (Attachment A)

     Parking Permits/Pre-Paid Parking Cards: Requisition Form (Attachment B)

Procurement and Accounts Payable Process Manual

Staff Training & Travel Guidelines

     Staff Training & Travel Guidelines - Checklist (Attachment)


Health Commission:

Agenda Setting

Communications between SFDPH staff and Individual Health Commissioners

Naming of DPH Facilities

Presentation Guidelines



Human Resources – CCSF:

Citywide Harassment-Free Workplace Policy

Language Diversity Policy

Additional HR Policies and Related Information


Human Resources – DPH:

Statement of Incompatible Activities

Prohibition of Violence in the Workplace


Information Systems:

Data Security Policies (Computer Information & Privacy)

Remote Access to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Email

Staff Internet Usage Policy

Data Security Policies


Occupational Health & Safety Section (OSH):

Ergonomic Computer Workstation Policy

Respiratory Protection Program

Temporary Transitional Work Assignment Program


Office of Adolescent Health & Community Health Education Section:

Youth Development Standards of Practice


Office of the Director:

Creation and Use of Logos, Websites, and Social Media

Media Policy

Using the Office of the City Attorney

Zero Waste Policy


Office of Policy & Planning:

Distinction between DPH Jobs and Personal Causes

DPH Guidelines on Development and Maintenance of Departmental Policies

DPH P&P Template: Attachment to DPH Guidelines on Development and Maintenance of Departmental Policies

Government Relations

Non-Clinical DPH Internships

Records Management Policy

Service and Support Animals in DPH


Office of Workforce Development

Securing Trainers, Subject Matter Experts, and Consultants for Staff Training and Professional Development


Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response (PHEPR) Branch

Incident Command System Basic Training Requirements

Basic Emergency Preparedness Training Requirements: Incident Command System

Staff Notification and Call-Down Policy and Procedure

      Sample Call-Down Procedure Template for Call-Down Administrator (Attachment)


Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program:

Lactation Accomodation Policy