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Community Health Promotion & Prevention

Chronic Disease Prevention

The Department of Public Health provides staff support to the Citywide Chronic Disease Prevention Consortium. The Consortium members include community-based organizations, health plans, businesses, youth groups, academic institutions, and other City agencies. The Consortium played a major role in the Mayor's recent Shape Up San Francisco Summit (April 2006).

The purpose of the Citywide Chronic Disease Prevention Consortium is:

  • to focus on primary prevention for chronic disease using data-driven decision making;
  • to provide a forum for members to educate each other on different facets of chronic disease prevention and early intervention (morbidity / mortality population based data, individual and community risk and protective factors, model programs, research, policy, etc.);
  • to provide a forum for us to share our work, network and collaborate on projects and grants; and
  • to provide opportunities to identify model programs in our own community.

Citywide Chronic Disease Prevention Consortium's Goal:
The goal of the Citywide Chronic Disease Prevention Consortium is to reduce the burden of chronic disease and disparities among San Franciscans using culturally and age appropriate strategies.

Citywide Chronic Disease Prevention Consortium Objectives:

  • To focus work on risk and protective factors affecting chronic disease, specifically: built and social environments, physical activity, nutrition, tobacco, media.
  • To identify resources and gaps in chronic disease prevention/early intervention utilizing data and resource inventories.
  • To utilize the San Francisco Precautionary Principle as a guide in our work.
  • To develop and implement a plan for addressing identified needs.
  • To meet on a quarterly basis for education, networking, collaboration.
  • To communicate via email and other venues as appropriate in between meetings.
  • To identify funding opportunities and apply as a collaborative where appropriate and support members' applications as appropriate