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Tobacco Free Project


Program Description

The Tobacco Free Project (TFP) of the San Francisco Department of Public Health is part of the Statewide campaign, funded by Proposition 99, the 1988 Tobacco Tax Initiative, as well as the 1999 San Francisco voter initiative Proposition A to use tobacco master settlement funds for smoking prevention. The Tobacco Free Project aims to reduce tobacco use in California addressing the three state-mandated priorities to:

  • Reduce exposure to environmental smoke;
  • Reduce youth access to tobacco; and,
  • Counter pro-tobacco influences of advertising and promotion.

  • These priorities are addressed by the Department of Public Health and a number of agencies funded as community capacity building projects.

    Tobacco Quitting Services

    Limited tobacco quitting (cessation) services are provided to highest need populations through the San Francisco Health Network and community contractors. Local cessation programs follow an adapted version of the American Lung Association's "Freedom from Smoking" curriculum. For a more complete list of free or low-cost community resources to help with quitting or reducing smoking and other tobacco use, visit this website:

    Tobacco Free Coalition

    The State also mandates that each local health department tobacco control program provide technical and staff support to a local tobacco control coalition. The San Francisco Tobacco Free Coalition focuses on sustainable, impactful approaches to reducing the impact of tobacco in the San Francisco community. For a more complete list of actions of the San Francisco Tobacco Free Coalition, visit this website:

    Population Served

    The Tobacco Free Project is part of the Statewide campaign, and serves all of San Francisco residents with a special focus on those most impacted by tobacco marketing and use- including youth, communities of color, LGBT persons and low income people served by the San Francisco Health Network.


    25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 500
    San Francisco, CA 94102


    For general inquiries, call: 628-206-7668
    Want to change your smoking? Call: 628-206-7657


    8-5, M-F


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    Other Information

    The Tobacco Free Project Website is located at