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San Francisco Health Network
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Community Health Equity and Promotion

Newcomers Health Program 

Refugee Health Assessment Program (RHAP)

In collaboration with the Family Health Center's Refugee Medical Clinic at San Francisco General Hospital, newly arriving refugees, asylees, certified victims of trafficking (and others with designated 'refugee' status) receive compressive medical and mental health assessments, treatment and referrals. Newcomers Health Program staff provides community outreach, resources, health education and medical interpretation. The health care providers and staff of Refugee Medical Clinic provide the clinical services. This program is funded primarily by the California Department of Public Health, Refugee Health Program.

Newcomers Health Program Referral Form for asylees granted within the last 8 months

Medical Interpretation

We aim to provide linguistic and cultural access for mental health and primary health care newcomer patients.  Bilingual/ bicultural medical interpreters/health workers provide medical interpretation services to Mandarin-, Cantonese- Spanish-, Arabic-, Burmese-, Mongolian-, and Russian-speaking patients at the Refugee Medical Clinic.
These services are funded in part by San Francisco Department of Public Health's General Fund, California Department of Public Health, Refugee Health Program, and UCSF.

Health Education & Resources

Health education services include one-on-one patient education as well as review, translation and distribution of health materials in the patient’s primary language. These services assist newcomers in achieving and maintaining health and well-being through individualized and one-on-one patient education during their health screening. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, community resources on healthy living and chronic disease prevention, promotion of physical activity and healthy eating, patient self-management of chronic health conditions and mental health support and referrals.
These services are funded in part by San Francisco Department of Public Health's General Fund.

Asylum Benefits Orientations

Newcomers Health Program staff coordinate and present a monthly Asylee Benefits Orientation to newly granted asylees from all over Northern California. For information please see: Asylee Benefits Orientation

Newcomers CONNECT Project

(Community Outreach Navigation for Newcomer Education Change and Transformation)

CONNECT aims to provide needed resources and linkages to individuals and populations vulnerable to exploitation, specifically foreign-born workers at massage establishments and restaurants. CONNECT staff support health and well-being of workers by conducting direct outreach, needs assessment, and education on topics such as minimum wage, labor laws and reporting resources, health access, ESL and educational opportunities, legal services, Sanctuary city protections, and other community linkages as needed.

Other Programs and Services

  • San Francisco Refugee Forum - Newcomers Health Program is one of the founding agencies of the San Francisco Refugee Forum: SF-CAIRS, the San Francisco Coalition for Asylees, Immigrants and Refugee Services. SF-CAIRS
  • Information and Referral Services - Newcomers Health Program assists agency and community partners, and new refugees and immigrants in accessing needed services through our bilingual/bicultural staff and our community referral guide. ¬†
  • Community Presentations and Workshops - Educational workshops are conducted for refugees and immigrants, and staff at collaborating community-based organizations on topics such as access to healthcare in the U.S., tuberculosis education, healthier lifestyle changes, tobacco and smoking cessation, and family planning. . In addition, staff present to community agencies on various issues related to providing health and social services to newcomers. Topics include cultural and health issues of refugees and immigrants, human trafficking identification, and effective use of medical interpreters.
  • Community Assessments - Newcomers Health Program conducts various assessments of different refugee communities in San Francisco. One purpose of the assessments is to research health, resettlement, and other issues impacting refugees. A second purpose is to initiate a community organizing process by integrating community voice into the assessments. These assessments help develop understanding of the refugees' overall health and well-being, determine future directions and collaborations for Newcomers Health Program, and lead to local efforts that have positive impacts for the communities. Please go to Newcomers Reports to view or download copies of our assessment reports.