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Housing and Urban Health

Direct Access to Housing (DAH)

Program Eligibility

DAH provides permanent supportive housing to formerly homeless adults with special needs. The DAH definition of “homeless” includes living on the streets or in abandoned buildings, living in emergency or domestic violence shelters, hospital or forensic programs, institutions, transitional and/or substance abuse treatment programs.

DAH clients must be:
  • Homeless
  • Have a mental health diagnosis, and/or an alcohol/substance abuse diagnosis, and/or complex medical needs
  • San Francisco residents
  • " Extremely low-income" as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (in 2013, max income for a single adult in San Francisco is $22,220 annually)
  • Willing to pay up to 50% of their monthly income toward rent via an approved third party rent payment provider
  • Referred by a service provider, such as a case manager or social worker

Please note that some buildings have additional eligibility criteria dependent on their funding source or target population. For example, DAH tenants at HUD-funded sites must be "chronically homeless" in compliance with HUD's definition.