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New Updates March 2019:

Upcoming Presentations for Providers & Patients

Masculine Spectrum Support Group UPDATES! For latest information on the group, please contact 628-206-7979.


If you're interested in reproductive options please read the Reproduction Fact Sheet Here!!

Speak with your primary care provider about facial hair reduction, and facial feminization.


Provider Information:  The medical team at our program has provided updates to the Hormone Therapy Table.  Please Review

There is a new mental health form for assessments.


How to learn more about the Transgender Surgery Access Program:

For Patients

  • Gender Health SF can provide free Holistic Wellness workshops and individual goal planning to assist you in living your best life, as you prepare and recover from surgery. Contact Gender Health SF at to connect with the Wellness Coordinator.
  • Visit our information pages:
  • Lastly, remember that surgery is not the deciding factor in what gender you are. That is for you to decide, whether or not surgery is part of that journey. There are transgender people who feel they need surgery, and there are those who don’t. It is completely OK either way, and it is up to you.

For Providers/Clinicians

  • Attend an upcoming Provider Training
  • Visit our information pages:

Background and History of Gender Health SF

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) established Gender Health SF to provide access to transgender surgeries and related education and preparation services to eligible uninsured transgender adult residents. Currently, SFDPH also provides a range of health services to transgender residents such as primary care, prevention, behavioral health, hormone therapy, specialty and inpatient care.

This new initiative was born out of the incredible work of community advocates, which ultimately led to the following developments:

  • The Board of Supervisors adopted resolution number 288-12 in July 2012, encouraging the Department to ensure the provision of medically necessary gender-transition-related care.
  • In addition, in November 2012, the San Francisco Health Commission approved the following:
  • Developing a new program (Gender Health SF) to transgender surgery to eligible uninsured transgender adult residents
  • Using gender identity disorder (now called gender dysphoria) as a clinical indication for surgical procedures
  • Removing transgender surgery from the list of excluded services under the Healthy San Francisco program.



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