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Thank you for visiting the San Francisco Emergency Medical Services Agency website. Since 1989 we have been providing oversight of our Emergency Medical Services System here in San Francisco. As the Medical Director for the Agency, I take great pride in the thorough, timely, compassionate care provided by our dispatchers, first responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Receiving Facilities at all times for all people in need. I hope you find the information on our website useful.

You will find our mission, vision and values. We are a proud Branch of the Population Health Division of the SF DPH, and fully support its mission. You will also find a directory of materials, including our current policies and protocols, links to our quality improvement dashboards, FAQ’s and application materials for EMT Certification and Paramedic Accreditation.





Courtesy of LA County EMS




In Remembrance - Mary Magocsy


Picture Mary Magocsy Picture Mary Magocsy Badge

It’s with great sadness to inform you that friend, colleague, and long-time EMS Agency staff member Mary Magocsy passed away yesterday. Mary started working for the Department of Public Health in 1995 as a Nurse, worked at Department of Emergency Management for almost a decade, and retired last year from the EMS Agency. Mary managed the EMSAC group for many years and has left a great legacy upon the entire San Francisco EMS community that is still present today. Our thoughts go out to Mary’s friends and family during this time.


Andrew Holcomb, MS
EMS Deputy Director
San Francisco EMS Agency
City and County of San Francisco
25 Van Ness Ave, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94102






LUCAS Training Videos

Picture James Duren

James Duren
EMS Director
San Francisco EMS Agency

Picture of Dr. John Bown

Dr. John Brown
Medical Director
San Francisco EMS Agency

Picture of Dr. Gurvijay Singh Bains

Gurvijay Singh Bains, MD
EMS/Disaster Medicine Fellow
San Francisco EMS Agency

Picture of Dr. Amelia Breyrel

Amelia Breyre, MD
EMS/Disaster Medicine Fellow
San Francisco EMS Agency

"Safe Ambulance Driving on the Streets of San Francisco”

Certificate, License, and Fees:

Effective 8/5/2020, the San Francisco EMS Agency will be moving to 25 Van Ness, Suite #700, Ca. 94102-6058

(628) 217-6000

Please direct all correspondence and EMT/Paramedic Applications

to our new address.