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2018 EMS Awards

Are you interested in learning more about Paramedics or EMTs? Have you considered joining the emergency medical services field? May, 2018 San Francisco is hosting a celebration in honor of the 2018 National EMS Week at Civic Center Plaza.


Emergency medical service professionals will be available to answer all of your questions about what they do and what it takes to become an emergency medical service professional. The event will feature capabilities demonstrations, apparatus displays, and information booths from the San Francisco's emergency medical services community. 

Please check back in early 2018 for information on how to nominate EMS personnel for the May 2018 EMS Awards.



2017 EMS Awards Recipients


Ryan Won, PSD, Dept. of Emergency Management.   

Ryan received a call for a pregnant patient with imminent delivery. The patient's husband who was with her provided the initial call information calmly, which evolved into a more stressful situation when the child was born rapidly. Ryan immediately provided care instructions for the mother and newborn, while helping the husband and other members of the family provide assistance and remain calm until the EMS responders arrived.



Officer James Sayasane, San Francisco Police Department
Officer Matthew Nazar, San Francisco Police Department
Officer Kevin Brady, San Francisco Police Department

On October 14, 2016, Officer Kevin Downs was on duty patrolling with Officer Sayasane when they responded to a call for a suspect threatening and fighting with citizens at Lakeshore Plaza. Officer Downs was shot twice by the suspect when approached, resulting his falling and receiving a severe head wound. Officer Sayasane began to pursue the suspect, and wounded Officer Downs attempted to assist until Officers Sayasane and Brady stopped him due to his injury and began to render care along with Officer Nazar who arrived on scene.

Officers Brady, Nazar and Sayasane applied direct pressure to control the wounded officer’s bleeding, checked him for other wounds, engaged him in conversation to maintain consciousness, kept him quiet and still until EMS responders arrived to continue care.

Officer Downs survived his injury due to the rapid, effective actions of his fellow officers effectively and efficiently providing First Responder care and activating the EMS system.



Tim Feerick, EMT-P, King American Ambulance Company
Dan Nazzareta, EMT-P, San Francisco Fire Department

Tim Feerick started working at King American Ambulance Company in 2011 as an EMT. He rapidly continued his education and completed his paramedic training on 2013. Tim has become a leader in the King American organization, involved with training and mentoring new employees. He is known for his positive reinforcement of good performance in his training and proctoring new providers while directly caring for patients. Tim became a Paramedic Preceptor in 2016.

Tim is heavily involved in his community. He regularly attends career days at Mission High and other schools, introducing EMS to students as young as preschoolers. The schools involved have found the students enjoy Tim’s work and he is regularly invited back for repeat events. He also volunteers as a faculty member at the City College Paramedic Training Program, where he studied paramedicine.

Dan Nazaretta has been a member of the San Francisco Fire Department since 2008 and worked as an EMS Provider prior to that in Santa Clara County. He is known for being punctual, pleasant and thorough. He is a superb clinician, and has cared for many severely ill and injured including two “saves” (complete recovery from cardiac arrest) in the past 12 months.

Dan’s volunteer work is extensive. He coordinates EMS Day for Kids on a regular basis, most recently at John O’Connell High School. This program exposes students of all backgrounds to the work and the rewards of a career in EMS medicine. He teaches hands-only CPR in the SFUSD school system, which research has shown is a “force multiplier” with an average of over 4 additional family members/friends learning this CPR technique from every student trained. Dan regularly coordinates fellow SF Fire personnel as volunteers based out of Station 49 (the SFFD ambulance base) for this training and for the Special Olympics, among other causes.



Sabrina Kinsbourne RN, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

Sabrina Kinsbourne has been clinical educator/preceptor at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Emergency Department for the City College of San Francisco Paramedic Program for over 15 years. During this time she has developed her own teaching expertise and has provided valuable feedback to the Paramedic program, improving the curriculum, learning outcomes and methods of evaluating students with each class.

Sabrina has been the model of clinical excellence and patient advocacy. She has also provided significant emotional support during difficult times, especially as students progress into the very grueling field internship.



Richard McDowell, Galileo High School, San Francisco

On November 21, 2016 a substitute teacher at Galileo High School collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Richard McDowell, another teacher at the school, immediately provided CPR on the victim and continued until EMS responders arrived, resulting in his neurologically intact survival.

Mr. McDowell teaches in the Health Academy and trains students to prepare for EMS careers. He has been innovative and supportive of CPR and Automatic External Defibrillator training for the school district, frequently going the “extra mile” for students, resulting in a better capability in the community to respond to emergencies, as well as healthier lives for his graduates.



Irene Ybarra, EMT-P, San Francisco Fire Department

Irene Ybarra has been a dedicated public servant to the EMS system for over two decades. She has been a member of the San Francisco Fire Department since 1997 and prior to that service was a paramedic with the San Francisco Department of Public Health. 

Paramedic Ybarra has been the Logistics Director at the SFFD Ambulance Station 49 for several years. She has been a driving force in improvements to the ambulance stocking system. Often arriving at the station before sunrise, she assists crews with all types of equipment issues. She developed a coordinated bin system to decrease ambulance restocking and turnaround intervals, and has developed new internal processes to make the station more efficient.

Her unwavering dedication to keeping the ambulances up and running at all times has resulted in improved pass rates for EMS Agency ambulance inspections, and maximized the ability of the fleet vehicles to maintain their ability to provide patient care during both long days in service and in multi-casualty incident/disaster situations.


Download: 2017 EMS Award Recipients