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Mass Gatherings & Special Events Planning

Special Events and Mass Gatherings within the City and County of San Francisco are required to provide a Special Event Medical Plan to ensure a safer environment for event attendees and participants. Applicants must submit the Special Event Medical Plan to the San Francisco Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for approval.

The EMS Agency Medical Director or designee will review the submitted Special Event Medical Plan within 15 days and respond to the event creator, appropriate event collaborators, and the City permitting agency, to identify whether revisions will be necessary, prior to approval of the submitted plan.

  Please see an important memo from the EMS Manager 

Plans that require revision will be returned to the event sponsor with an explanation of the decision, as well as a list of revisions/clarifications that must be addressed, to bring the plan into compliance. The event sponsor may appeal the decision by resubmitting the plan to the EMS Agency Medical Director. A review will occur within 5 days of receipt. The EMS Agency Medical Director’s decision shall be delivered to the event sponsor within 5 business days of the review.



How to Submit an Event Medical Plan

To access the SF Event Medical Plans site, you will need a Microsoft email account. If you have a Microsoft email account, email to request access to the SF Event Medical Plans site. In the body of your email include the email address associated with your Microsoft account.


Don't have an account?

Create a new Microsoft account. You may connect an existing email to your new Microsoft account. Once you have created a Microsoft account, email to request access to the SF Event Medical Plans site. In the body of the email be sure to include your Microsoft email.

Examples of Microsoft accounts include: Outlook, Office, Skype, OneDrive3, Xbox Live, Bing, Windows and MSN.


Login instructions for SF Event Medical Plans