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CHIP Hospital Program


The CHIP Hospital Program was established in 1989 to distribute funds for uncompensated care. CHIP funds will be distributed to six local hospitals including: California Pacific Medical Center, Chinese Hospital, The Medical Center at UCSF, St. Francis Memorial Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, and St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center.

CHIP funds are distributed locally according to each hospital’s share of uncompensated care costs as reported in the annual SFDPH San Francisco Hospitals Charity Care Report. 100% of the non-county hospital formula funds and 89% of non-county hospital discretionary funds are used to reimburse direct patient care. 11% of the discretionary funds are used for project administration, including the costs for fiscal intermediary services. State funds earn interest which is distributed to providers using the same OSHPD uncompensated care formula. Since FY 1999-00, the County has allocated local general funds to the CHIP Hospital Program to supplement State funding.

Eligible patients are those who meet the participating hospitals written definition of charity care, who cannot afford to pay for the services provided by the hospital, and for whom payment will not be made through private coverage or by any program funded in whole or in part by the federal government.

Eligible services include inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services.

For further information on the CHIP Hospital Program, please call (415) 558-4037.