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San Francisco Health Network
San Francisco General Hospital
Transportation Services Program

For Employees:


UCSF Shuttle:


UCSF operates two shuttle bus routes (gold and blue routes) from SFGH campus to UCSF’s Parnassus, Mt. Zion, and Mission Bay campuses and the yellow line which services the 16th Street BART station.  The shuttle stop is located at the 23rd Street entrance.  Shuttle maps and schedules can be found on the CHN homepage or by clicking here.


SFGH Shuttle:


In partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, SFGH is operating a shuttle which services SFGH, 24th St BART, and Civic Center BART during peak commute hours.  The shuttle stop is located at the 23rd St Main Hospital Entrance.  A map and schedule can be found on the CHN homepage or by clicking here. This service is open to the community as well as staff.


Commuter Benefits:

Save up to 40% on your commuting costs. The federal government allows employees to deduct up to $230/month from their paychecks, pre-tax, to pay for transit, bicycle, and vanpool costs. Once you receive and activate your regional transit card, or Clipper card, your monthly pass will automatically be loaded and ready for use.



There are seven MUNI lines (9/9L, 10, 19, 27, 33, 48, and 90) within a four block radius of the SFGH campus.  To find routes, schedules, & maps in real time, please visit here or visit to plan your trip. To see a map of transit lines around the SFGH Campus, please click here.


Rideshare/Carpool Benefits:

If you are interested in saving money by sharing fuel and parking costs and saving time in the carpool lane, please visit to get a free list of potential rideshare partners who live and work near you. You can also contact San Francisco Department of the Environment at (415) 355-3727 for more information about carpooling and ridesharing. This ridesharing program is also open to UCSF staff. In addition, UCSF staff may opt to use Zimride ridematching services. To find out more about Zimride, please click here.

SFGH also houses preferential parking for carpoolers. Three riders are required to be eligible for a discounted carpool parking permit with the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority. Carpoolers may consist of both UCSF and SFGH staff members.  To inquire, please contact  (415) 206-6728 or visit Building 40, Room 4301 to pick up an application.

Emergency Ride Home Program:

The City of San Francisco’s Emergency Ride Home Program takes the worry out of using alternative transportation. If you take alternative transportation to work and an emergency occurs, the Department of the Environment will reimburse you for your taxi ride, rental car, or carshare vehicle.

Emergencies Include:

  • Illness or crisis of employee or immediate family member.
  • Employee is unexpectedly required to work late (i.e. employee was not aware of the situation before the start of the workday). Supervisor authorization is required.
  • Carpool or vanpool ride is unavailable due to unexpected changes in the driver’s schedule or vehicle breakdown or mishap.
  • Bicycle problem, including flat tire, mechanical failure, vandalism, theft, or unsafe bicycling conditions due to inclement weather
  • For more details on how this program works, please click here.
  • For a reimbursement form and instructions, please click here.
  • UCSF employees please click here.

City CarShare:

The SFGH campus houses a total of four City CarShare spaces.  Two spaces are reserved for City CarShare vehicles at the north entrance of Building 1 (ZSFG map), and two spaces are reserved at 24th Street and Utah (google map).  SFGH employees may rent vehicles either for business or personal trips. 

For City CarShare vehicle use, each employee is required to complete an application form and at that time are approved by City Carshare  insurer and must complete a brief online orientation prior to receiving access key fobs and personal ID numbers.  To apply, please call City CarShare at (415) 995-8588 or visit here to learn more .  You will first need to contact Facilities Management at (415) 206-8550 to obtain a City CarShare Group Number.

  • Gas is obtained using City CarShare gas cards.  This cost is included in SFGH’s membership.
  • For each trip, the invoice shows the employee name, cost, the vehicle used, the time of the trip, and the distance traveled.
  • The number of employees eligible to join is limited.  Use of this service is at the discretion of employee supervisors and/or administrators.
  • For personal use, a credit card number and brief online orientation is required.  To apply for personal membership, please call (415) 995-8588 or visit here to learn more. Vehicles for personal use may also be reserved with ZipCar.


There are two ZipCars on the SFGH campus.  These vehicles are located outside of the SFGH Emergency Department (ZSFG map).  To register to use a ZipCar please visit this Web site to fill out an application and view membership packages or call 1 (866) 4ZIPCAR  (1-866-494-7227) to inquire.


Bicycle Facilities - Commuting by Bike:

Bicycle Cage:  The bicycle cage is located south of SFGH’s Main Hospital entrance.  Keys to the bike cage can be obtained by completing a Bicycle Locker Agreement form. To inquire, please call Facilities Management at (415) 206-6728 or stop by to pick up an application at Building 40, Room 4301.   

Safety tip*:  The San Francisco Institutional Police Department at SFGH encourages you to register your bike’s serial number and description to 1) better protect your property and 2) facilitate their ability to identify your bike in case of theft.  Please drop by Room 1E12 in the Main Hospital near the Emergency Room to register your bike.

Biking Maps & Resources:

Did You Know? The number of people who commute to work by bicycle in San Francisco doubled between 1990 and 2000 and continues to grow. The Bicycle Program at SFMTA is aware of the increasing need for resources for bicycle commuters and provides services such as bicycle education classes, bicycle maps, and garage bicycle parking.  To access these tools, please visit this Web page to learn more.

Did You Know? The number of auto vs. bike collisions has decreased substantially in recent years despite a marked increase in the number of bike commuters on the streets? To find out more about how to ride safely or to find out about the SFMTA “Coexist Campaign,” please visit here to learn more.

To find out more about the services of San Francisco Bike Coalition, please visit this Web site.