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Asked Questions
San Francisco Health Network
San Francisco General Hospital
Transportation Services Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “What are common alternative ways commuters can reach SFGH?”

A: There are a variety of options of public transit to choose from.  To assist you in planning your trip to and from the SFGH campus, please visit our “Plan Your Trip” web page 


Q: “How might the SFGH Rebuild construction impact parking at SFGH?” 

A:  In anticipation of a loss of parking spaces due to construction activities, SFGH has created this transportation website with tools to ease the use the of public transit or other modes of alternative transportation.  In an effort to curb single-occupant auto use and lessen parking demand, SFGH would like to assist you in planning your trip to the SFGH campus by clicking here.

Q: “How is SFGH meeting the Mayor’s Climate Action Plan?”  

A: SFGH is meeting transportation portions of Mayor’s Climate Action Plan through promotion of commuter benefits, ride-sharing, the emergency ride home program, and use of bicycle travel, among other efforts to reduce single-occupant auto travel to and from the SFGH campus.  To find out more about SFGH Transportation Services programs please visit our "Programs" web page. To plan your trip to SFGH, please visit our “Plan Your Trip” web page.