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1. Look Good…Feel Better ®

Wig or hair styling, free cosmetics products, make-up application, and turbans.

2. Help For Women Recovering from Cancer

By appointment only. To register, please call 510-271-9221. Co-sponsored with American Cancer Society.


Classes and Groups

A. Cancer Support and Peer Support Services


1. Chinese Breast Cancer Support Group: Through this experiential, interactive and self-empowering group process, participants will -- -Explore the impact of breast cancer on self & family -Understand and manage emotions, thoughts & beliefs - Develop and enhance self-care practices -Learn effective communication skills. 

2. Chinese Women's Cancer Support Group: An adjunct to traditional medical therapies, the support group provides women with cancer a time to: - Participate in their own healing -Support each other through sharing and encouragement -Explore issues of the mind, body and spirit to enhance one's quality of life -Learn tools and techniques for stress reduction and for enhancement of the immune syestme such as relaxation, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and body massage.

3. Chinese Women's Cancer Peer Support Program NEW: A program that trains women who have had experience with cancer to become a volunteer in listening to cancer patients through peer support.


CPHC Support Group1CPHC Support Group2CPHC Support Group 3

B. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid Training Classes

1. California Child Care Course

Infant/Child CPR, Child Care First Aid, Preventative Health and Safety, Prevention of Communciable Diseases, Care for Ill Children and Injury Prevention

Infant/Child CPR (2 years), CA Child Care First Aid (2 years), Preventative Health and Safety (no expiration)


2. Infant/Child CPR & Child Care First Aid


Infant/Child CPR (2 years), CA Child Care First Aid (2 years)


3. Infant/Child CPR


Infant/Child CPR (2 years)


4. Child Care First Aid


CA Child Care First Aid (2 years)


5. Preventative Health & Safety

Preventative Health and Safety, Prevention of communicable disease, Care for ill children, injury prevention

Preventative Health and Safety (No Expiration)


6. Standard First Aid

Accessing Emergency Medical Services, rescue breathing, adult CPR/AED, bleeding, burns, injuries to muscles/bones/joings, heat/cold emergencies

Adult CPR (2 years), Standard first aid (2 years)


7. Adult CPR/AED

Acessing Emergency Medical Services, rescue breathing, adult CPR/AED

Adult CPR (2 years)


8. Adult First Aid

Accessing Emergency Medical Services, bleeding, burns, injuries to muscles/bones/joints, heat/cold emergencies

Standard First Aid (2 years)



C. Smoking Cessation

1. Chinese Language Smoking Cessation Classes

1) One-to-one counseling and group education 2) Telephone follow-up up to 6 months 3) Individual quit plan 4) Smokers with medical insurances such as Medi-Cal, Medicare, SF Health Plan, and Healthy San Francisco will be assisted in obtaining nicotine patches/gum

2. Creating Smoke-Free Living Project

Earn $120 per pair for full participation. Whether you plan to quit or not, you are still welcome to participate! If interested, please contact: Chinatown Public Health Center, Health Education Department 415-364-7907 Project funded by American Cancer Society.

You must be: 1) 18 years or older smoker and nonsmoker living together 2) Both participate in the program activities over 12 montsh: 1) Both attend 2 group sessions (1st month and 12th month) 






Please call 9-1-1 if this is a medical emergency. Please call San Francisco General Hospital at (628) 206-8000 for general information.

For issues or questions other than medically related, you may email the Department of Public Health