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San Francisco Health Network

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Our Services

Chinatown Public Health Center


Our Mission

The mission of Chinatown Public Health Center is to provide quality and cost-effective primary care to our patients and to promote the health of San Franciscans of all ages, with expertise and competence serving immigrants.


Our Vision

A patient- and population-centered health home of choice to non- or Limited English Proficient Chinese immigrants and other vulnerable San Franciscans.


Our Staff

Team Based Care: Each patient at CPHC is assigned to a PCP (Primary Care Provider) and a team to enhance care continuity and quality. It is our belief that patients are best served by a team of multidisciplinary professionals rather than individual providers working in silos. At CPHC, we are continually working hard to improve this team based care so that patients and providers alike receive enhanced level of support.

CPHC Staff


Team A

Ben Lui, MD, MPH (Primary Care Provider/Associate Medical Director)


Betty Ng, NP (Primary Care Provider)


Sarenna Li, RN (Nurse)


Qi Li Guan (Medical Evaluations Assistant)


Connie Tan (Medical Evaluations Assistant)


Baoling Zheng (Medical Evaluations Assistant)


Sau Chen Vong (Health Worker)


Marth Cho (Eligibilty Worker)


Lisa Vuong (Primary Care Behaviorist)


Lily Lee (Principal Clerk)




Team B

Zhi Huang, MD (Primary Care Provider)


Suzie Chow, RN (Nurse)


Jessica Wong (Medical Evaluations Assistant)


Christy Li (Medical Evaluations Assistant)


Lana Yuen (Health Worker)


Yvonne Gee (Health Worker)


Cynthia Tam (Primary Care Behaviorist)


Kit Chan, RN (Nurse Manager)




Team C

Albert Yu, MD, MPH, MBA (Primary Care Provider/Medical Director)


Jacqueline Gilbert, NP (Primary Care Provider)


Sunny K. Pak, MD, MPH, L.A.c. (Primary Care Provider)


Julie Tse, NP (Primary Care Provider)


Connie Yan, RN (Nurse)


Judy Guan (Medical Evaluations Assistant)


Angela Chan (Medical Evaluations Assistant)


Joy Hui (Medical Evaluations Assistant)


Pam Szeto (Eligibilty Worker)


Sharon Kong (Hospital Eligibility Worker)


Susan Au (Behaviorist Assistant)



Please call 9-1-1 if this is a medical emergency. Please call San Francisco General Hospital at (628) 206-8000 for general information.

For issues or questions other than medically related, you may email the Department of Public Health