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Southeast Health Center


HIV Services: Early Intervention Program (EIP)

In 2000, the Early Intervention Program (EIP) was set up at the Southeast Health Center (SEHC) to address growing concerns of HIV/AIDS being among the top three health problems in Bayview Hunter’s Point (BVHP). Presently, SEHC works with community providers such as the Black Coalition on AIDS and the BVHP Foundation to provide the following comprehensive EIP services:

Confidential HIV testing, counseling and referrals

Comprehensive medical evaluation

Physical examinations

HIV and non HIV-related lab work

Case management and support services

T-Cell check, viral load tests

Psychosocial assessments

Nutrition education and counseling

Prescribing of medicines

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)


To provide confidential, culturally sensitive HIV services for individuals with HIV, their negative partners, and other family members by engaging them into care and treatment and by encouraging medication adherence and ongoing testing.



To increase awareness of the risk factors of HIV transmission and prevention among the high-risk population in the BVHP community

  • To prolong the health and productivity of the population

  • To decrease the transmission of HIV and the incidence of new cases among the BVHP community residents

Please call 9-1-1 if this is a medical emergency. Please call San Francisco General Hospital at (628) 206-8000 for general information.

For issues or questions other than medically related, you may email the Department of Public Health.