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DCR Support Site

for Users of the MHSA Data Collection and Reporting System (DCR) in San Francisco

Connecting to the DCR

Getting a DCR Account: If you don't have a DCR Account, then you need to do the following:

  1. Fill out the DCR Account Request Form and User Confidentiality Form return both signed forms to
  2. Complete the on-line enrollment with BHIS (DHCS's IT Department) following these instructions.


Logging into the DCR: Go to the BHIS login page and log in. Then click on the Applications menu choose "DCR Web Application."


User Documentation


DCR Forms

KET Monthly Tracking Sheet: blank form | sample

DCR Support Contacts

Local DCR Support Team - for questions about DCR data collection, navigation, procedure and reports

Email - (This address automatically forwards to everyone on the DCR support team. Note: email containing PHI must be encrypted unless you are sending it from a DPH or UCSF email account.)
Phone - Primary: Ryan Reichel, 415-255-3494, Backup: Diane Prentiss 415-255-3696

Password Resets: or call 1(800) 579-0874

DCR Bulletins (Archived)