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San Francisco Health Network

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Our Programs

Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)


Capital Facilities and Information Technology (CF/IT)

This funding is used to modernize information systems, provide access to health records and renovate facilities.


Capital Facilities

Recent Renovation: South of Market Mental Health Center (SOMMHS)

On February 1st 2016, South of Market Mental Health Services (SOMMHS) resumed full operation in their newly remodeled space located at 760 Harrison Street.  The SOMMHS remodel transformed an older leased clinic by applying MHSA funding and negotiated tenant improvements.  The remodeled space ultimately benefits the client and staff experience at the South of Market Clinic.  This renovation allows for integrated health services and supports the Public Health Department’s goal of offering seamless access to Behavioral Health and Primary Care services


Information Technology

As the 2014 – 2017 Integrated Plan discussed, the initial SF MHSA Information Technology (IT) Plan, approved in 2010, was developed through an extensive community planning process led by an MHSA-IT Planning Committee. The plan included three program areas: 1) Consumer Portal, 2) Consumer Employment and 3) System Enhancements. BHS has accomplished much of what was outlined in the initial plan. However, the BHS IT landscape has changed considerably the last five years since the planning process, thus resulting in the need to adapt the plan. Additional expenditures in the System Enhancements program area have been and will be needed to make basic IT infrastructure improvements required to respond to the changing landscape. In addition, as Avatar has been implemented and input has been collected from staff and consumers about IT infrastructure, a need has emerged for more basic improvements than originally planned.