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Environmental Health

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Pigeon Nuisances

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Luisa Garfil
Office: (415) 252-3800
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Vector Control: Pigeon Nuisance

Feeding birds encourages pigeons to roost, causing property damage, unsanitary conditions and a potential health hazard. Nests, feathers and bird waste can cause human and bird diseases. Bird feeding is also a source of food for rodents and can cause birds to roost in structures that can be harmful to the birds' health as their population grows in the city environment.

This is why feeding birds is a public nuisance and the Environmental Health Branch (EHB) works with property owners to eliminate nuisances created by pigeons.


What you can do to prevent pigeon nuisances:

  1. Remove all FOOD AND WATER SOURCES from the property
  2. Remove all BIRD WASTE, feathers and abandoned nesting materials
  3. Discourage ROOSTING with wire or nylon mesh or other materials
  4. Maintain property in a clean, nuisance-free condition at all times
  5. Do NOT feed pigeons


Please note: Always check with the San Francisco Fire Department before installing netting or making other structural modifications to be sure that it will not block access during an emergency.


Making a Complaint

Pigeon feeding is NOT allowed in San Francisco. The Environmental Health Branch responds to citizen complaints about pigeon nesting, pigeon roosting, or accumulation of pigeon feces on private property. Our response may include an investigation of the property in question and requiring the property owner to make corrective actions.

If pigeon feeding or other pigeon related nuisances are occurring on public property (streets, parks, sidewalks, etc), please call or visit 311 to have your complaint recorded and routed to the correct agency (e.g. SFPD, DPW, Rec and Park, Caltrans). If you are calling from a cell phone or outside the county, dial (415) 701-2311.

If EHB verifies a complaint and issues a Notice of Violation, the property owner may be billed for the costs of future visits required to verify corrections were made UNLESS:

  1. The person who made the complaint contacts us before re-inspection is made to report that conditions are satisfactory OR
  2. Acceptable proof of compliance is presented to this office before a re-inspection is made, such as a time-stamped photograph or an invoice for work performed.

Important Note: The City cannot pigeon-proof nor remove the pigeon droppings and feathers from private residences and buildings. This is the responsibility of the property owners. In addition the City cannot reimburse owners for costs incurred to resolve the problem.



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San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch