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San Francisco Health Code:

Article 8 Food & Food Products

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Office: (415) 252-3800
Fax: (415) 252-3842

Food Safety Program: Inspections

The Food Safety Program enforces health code regulations, which may result in administrative actions, a suspension, and/or a revocation of a permit to operate when violations are identified in a food facility. To enforce health code regulations, Environmental Health food safety inspectors, inspect over 7,000 locations in San Francisco, including restaurants, bars, markets, bakeries, pushcarts, stadium food facilities and any other facility that serves food to the public.

The Food Safety Program conducts risk based inspections. The determination of the inspection frequency is based on three types of food preparation. The actual number of inspections per facility varies, because a facility can be engaged in one or more of the following types of food preparation.

Type 1 – Food Process with No Cook Step

Type 2 – Food Preparation for Same Day Service

Type 3 – Complex Food Processes

Risk based inspections incorporate the full gamut of health codes that this department is charged with enforcing, with a particular emphasis on preventing the following:

  • Improper hot and cold holding temperatures of potentially hazardous foods
  • Improper cooking temperature of foods
  • Cross contamination of utensils, equipment, and food contact surfaces
  • Poor employee hygiene
  • Unapproved food sources



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