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Business Help: Multi-Agency Compliance Guides and Checklists

San Francisco businesses can help themselves get (and stay!) in compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations by using the industry-specific guides on this page. The links below open PDF files that require Adobe Reader.

Compliance applicability guides are a starting point for businesses to make sure they are registered and/or permitted through the correct agencies as commonly required for their industry.

Self-inspection checklists are detailed and formatted as checklists so businesses may print them to regularly do their own inspections. This helps businesses stay in compliance for their next formal inspections. (Businesses registered in the HMUPA program are required to do quarterly self inspections. We recommend this for all businesses.)

Disclaimers: More regulations may apply to your business, depending on your operations. Please note these guides are San Francisco-specific, and regulations in other cities may vary.

Compliance Applicability Guide
Self-inspection Checklist
Auto Body and Paint Auto Body and Paint
Auto Repair Auto Repair
Garment Cleaning Garment Cleaning
High-Rise/ Large Commerical Buildings High-Rise/ Large Commerical Buildings
Hotel Hotel
Medical/Dental/Vet Clinic Medical/Dental/Vet Clinic
Office/Retail Office/Retail
Printing Printing
Restaurant and Bar Restaurant and Bar