Extension of February 25th MEETING


Meeting Date:           February 27th, 2002


Meeting Place:          City Hall, The Mayor’s Conference Room, room 201


Meeting Time:           5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (extended to 7:45 PM)


Call to Order

5:00 PM


Roll Call

See Attachment A.  21 council members were present, 14 Yea votes are needed to pass; a quorum was established.


Review and Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was approved.


General Announcements

Michael Shriver, Mayor’s Advisor on AIDS Policy, announced that the Mayor had approved the reappointment of Jeff Byers, Catherine Geanuracos, and Alissa Riker, and the appointment of new members William Blum, Felicia Elizondo, Tracy Neil, Charlene Pugh, Charles Siron, and Norman Tanner.


Public Comment

Twenty people gave public comments, including Baker Places and Instituto Familiar.


Reductions Protocol Discussion

Jim Mitulski began the discussion with Proposal Q (see below.)  Catherine Geanuracos offered Proposal R (see below.)  The Co-Chairs offered two proposals, one offering focused cuts (R), the other offering proportional cuts (Q). 


Toni Butler motioned adoption of Proposal C.  See Attachment B.  Tracy Neil seconded. 


The Co-Chairs asked for a straw poll to determine with which theoretical direction the council wished to proceed.


Proposal Q

1.      Keep Levels 1, 2, & 4 cuts proposed in original reductions protocol

2.      Keep half of the housing reallocation = $227,000

3.      0.5% cut to the Department of Public Health (DPH) administrative rate

4.      No minimum thresholds for proportional cuts

5.      Proportional cut across the board holding nothing harmless; approximately 7%.


Proposal R

1.      Keep half of the housing reallocation = $227,000

2.      Keep levels 1 through 4

3.      Planning Council Support cut = $50,000

4.      0.5% cut to DPH

5.      Cut Complementary Therapy by 50%

6.      Cut Methadone Maintenance by 100%

7.      Cut Nutritional Counseling. 100%

8.      Cut Congregate Meal by 100%

9.      Partial cuts:  50% Transportation, 50% Child Care, and $90,500 Legal and Immigration Assistance.


                  The outcomes of the straw polls were that Proposal C would be discussed first. 


Russ Zellers explained that Proposal C imposed Level 1 through 4 cuts.  The council then discussed Proposal C.  Brad Hume opposed Proposal C because of Housing cuts.  Russ Zellers and Laura Thomas clarified that the Housing line item represents the loss of reallocation, plus 3.14% cut.  Sam Kaplan and Charlene Pugh opposed Proposal C.  Tracy Neil and Donald Frazier spoke in favor of Proposal C. 


Donald Frazier amended Proposal C to hold nothing harmless, to collapse Level 3 back into the budget and then have proportional cuts.  Toni Butler accepted the amendment, and Tracy Neil accepts as second. 


Elyse Graham proposed a friendly amendment to fold Proposals Q & C together, remove DPH, do not hold new programs harmless, and to give back 50% of the cuts to the Housing reallocation.  Toni Butler declined the friendly amendment.


Wayne Peace offered an amendment to hold harmless at 50% of the other cuts.  Toni Butler declined the amendment. 


Catherine Geanuracos spoke against the proposal unless 50% of Housing was added back. 


Susan Shea insists that some categories must be held harmless. 


Edward Patterson called the question. 


The council voted 13 No and 8 Yes, Proposal C failed.  See Attachment A.


The council moved to extend the meeting until 7:45pm. 


Jeff Byers proposed a new motion:  Proposal C (same as previous) but with $227,000 added back for Housing.  Larry Cruz seconded the motion. 


Larry Cruz spoke in favor of the new motion.  Elyse Graham, Donald Frazier, and Tracy Neil spoke in favor of the new motion. 


Wayne Peace spoke against the new motion.  Catherine Geanuracos called the question.  The council voted 9 No and 12 Yes, the Proposal failed.  See Attachment A. 


The council discussed why members voted No.  Dirk Doepfner approved of the motion because of Level 3 added back because of other non-CARE funding sources. 


Alissa Riker wanted to know why Dental (centralized) was held harmless. 


Brad Hume wanted to make a friendly amendment to increase Housing from $227,000 to the original number of $455,000. 


Wayne Peace made a motion that held harmless categories are at 50% of other proportional cuts to the previous motion of Proposal C. 


Margot Antonetty wants “held harmless” to remain held harmless. 


Wayne Peace’s motion did not receive a second, the motion failed. 


Donald Frazier suggested returning to the previous motion, although someone who’d previously voted against it must propose it.


Jeff Byers asked DPH to speak in reference to the Level 3 cuts.  Michele Long Dixon explained the rationale for Level 3 cuts as a result of intense analysis asked for by the CARE Council.


·         Brad Hume proposed a new motion: 

·         Level 1, 2, & 4 cuts,

·         honor the $455,000 for Housing,

·         no threshold for cuts,

·         hold nothing harmless, including Housing, except the DPH list of new programs, etc.


Dirk Doepfner seconded. 


Catherine Geanuracos spoke in favor of the proposed amendment to hold ISP, Primary Care, Housing, and other new programs to be held harmless.  Brad Hume accepted the amendment to his motion.  Dirk Doepfner also accepted the amendment as second.  Alissa Riker passed to speak on the motion.  Elyse Graham asked DPH if new programs should be held harmless.  Michele Long Dixon suggested holding harmless new programs.  Wayne Peace proposed that Complementary Medicine be included with Primary Care and to be held Harmless.  Brad Hume did not accept the suggestion.  Sam Kaplan called the question.  The council voted 9 No, 10 Yes, and 1 Abstained, the motion failed.


Catherine Geanuracos proposed a new motion:

·         Level 1, 2, & 4 cuts,

·         hold harmless Housing, Primary Care, and ISPs; and SPH list of new programs, etc.

·         Housing reallocation at $227,500,

·         proportional cuts with no hold harmless,

·         no threshold.


Margot Antonetty seconded the motion.


Charlene Pugh proposed to add back Level 3 cuts.  Catherine Geanuracos accepted Charlene Pugh’s amendment.


Margot Antonetty does not accept the amendment as second. The amendment is not accepted.


Discussion of the original motion continued.


Brad Hume spoke against the motion. 


Alissa Riker stated that Primary Care should not be held harmless.


The co-chairs facilitated several straw polls to assess where the points of clarification and distinction needed to be made.  Upon clarification, Catherine Geanuracos withdrew her original motion and offered a new motion based on the feedback and input of the Council.


Catherine Geanuracos proposed a new motion:


·         Implement Level I, II and IV reductions per protocol approved 12/10/01;

·         Reduce the new housing allocation from $455,000 to $227,500;

·         There will be no new ISP allocation of $150,000;

·         Only the following categories/subcategories will be held harmless:
Decentralized Dental services, Dementia Care (within the Residential Mental Health subcategory), Planning Council Support, CBC programs;

·         After the Housing allocation is added to that category, proportional cuts will be taken from all remaining categories not mentioned in #4 above.


Edward Patterson seconded.


The council voted 5 No and 16 Yes.  The motion passed.



7:45 PM