Meeting Date:           March 25th, 2002


Meeting Place:          25 Van Ness, Room 330A


Meeting Time:           4:30pm - 7:30pm (Extended to 7:40 PM)


I.    Call to Order



II.   Roll Call

See Attachment A. 


III. Review and Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was approved.


IV. Review and Approval of Minutes, February 25th, 2002

            Mjay Sanders made minor corrections to the minutes.  The corrections were noted for change.  The minutes were approved.


V. General Announcements

Margot Antonetty announced that the month of April is Harm Reduction Month for the Department of Public Health.

Kevin Johnson announced that several membership applicants were present at the meeting and asked them to introduce themselves to the council.


VI. Public Comment

There was no public comment.


VII. Training – Using Epidemiology Data:  Introduction to Data Use & Limitations Epidemiology Presentation:  HIV & AIDS in San Francisco

            Laura Thomas handed out information sheets regarding statistics and information on the epidemiology of HIV.  Laura Thomas reviewed each handout and presented the importance of each one.  See Handout – Total San Francisco Population.

            Glossary of Terms – Definitions and Resources helps to understand statistical information about the epidemiology of HIV, how to use the data in the council process and the demographic breakdown of San Francisco.  Laura Thomas stated that the council is responsible for knowing what the epidemiology looks like; to understand the demographics in order to understand how it is used in the Title I grant applications.

            The Surveillance data, collected primarily from medical charts, consists of demographic information, how the client was infected with HIV, what medications the client currently is taking, geographical information, long-term infection information, trends, and demographic changes over time.

            The council should use this data to examine the difference between large groups vs. disproportional groups, how to use the information in Prioritization, what are the limitations and barriers clients’ face, and what groups are not in care or under represented in the CARE-funded system. 

            Ling Sue then presented a Power Point presentation on the status of epidemiology in San Francisco.  After the presentation, the council discussed the information presented regarding the epidemiology of HIV in San Francisco.  The council asked detailed questions about the presentation regarding the transgender population, public versus no insurance, trends, Medicare, quality management, rise in STD infection, homelessness, and medication usage.


VIII. SFDPH, HIV Health Services Quarterly Report

            Michele Long Dixon reviewed the handout, HIV Health Services 4th Quarter Report, regarding the 2000-01 Carry Forward Update and Standards of Care.  See Handout Rollover Funding for FY 01-02 & HIV Health Services 4th Quarterly Report to the HIV Health Services Planning Council.


IX.  Overview of Ryan White CARE Act Legislation and HRSA Regulations

            Laura Thomas reviewed the following handouts:  Reauthorization Issues, The Ryan White CARE Act, Priority Setting and Resource Allocation, Health Care, Definitions and Resources, and Understanding Statistics.  See Handout The Ryan White CARE Act, Definitions & Resources, Understanding Statistics, Priority Setting and Resource Allocation, Health CARE, Reauthorization Issues, & Priority Setting.  Laura Thomas stated that the Ryan White CARE Act handout could be used to help direct the council and the language for the Grantee Assessment.  See Handout The Ryan White CARE Act, Definitions & Resources, Understanding Statistics.  The Priority Setting and Resource Allocation handout can be a guide with Prioritization.  See Handout Priority Setting and Resource Allocation.  The Health Care handout will help with the HRSA definition and service category terminology.  See Handout Health Care.  The Reauthorization Issues handout explains HRSA’s expectations from Needs Assessment and Prioritization.  See Handout Reauthorization Issues .  The Priority Setting handout shows the language in the Ryan White CARE Act concerning the council.  See Handout Priority Setting.


X.  Committee Reports

            - Steering Committee

            Catherine Geanuracos spoke about the City’s Finance Meeting.  Jim Illig announced that the Mayor had decided to take money from the general fund from DPH to supplement the CARE funding cuts, resulting in 1/3 less cuts.  Catherine Geanuracos announced the training at the Steering Committee on Effective Meeting Facilitation was great and helpful. 

Catherine Geanuracos lead the discussion on committee structure, to have 5 committee meetings (I & E, Membership, Community Action, Housing, and PWA Caucus) and 2 work groups (Mental Health/Substance Abuse and 3-Year Plan).  Catherine spoke about the importance of the Housing Committee and hopes that other similar committees or work groups can be modeled in the same way.  The council discussed the proposed committee structure, By-laws, and the role of the committees.

Catherine Geanuracos proposed to have an additional Steering Committee meeting in April, on the 1st from 5pm – 6:30pm to discuss the information the council wants about the service categories, cuts, funding sources from DPH and Providers.  The council approved the additional meeting.


- PWA Caucus

Mjay Sanders reviewed the minutes from the PWA Caucus meeting.  Mjay also stated that the increasing number of public comments by clients and providers is encouraging. 

Richard Bargetto’s HIV report for February includes a cumulative report for the prior year; Mjay stated that this data would be useful for Prioritization. 

            Mjay Sanders gave an update on the Needs Assessment demographics, process, and data collection.

- Membership

Kevin Johnson reviewed the current demographics of the council and the available seats (mandated seats and other vacancies).  Kevin Johnson gave an update on the status of the outreach brochure, orientating new members, mentoring new members, and tracking attendance.  See Handout Attendance (L).  The council then discussed the attendance record for the last quarter. 

- Housing

Margot Antonetty reported that Brad Hume and she were successful in obtaining a seat on the SRO Task Force for the HIV Health Services Planning Council.  The council then needs to decide who will be filling the seat.

- Implementation and Evaluation

Charlene Pugh reported that the I & E committee is currently reviewing the last Grantee Assessment and Prioritization and will be gathering information to assist in this year’s process.




7:40 PM