HIV Health Services Planning Council

City Hall - Mayor's Conference Room 201

April 22nd, 2002 4:30 PM



I.                    Call to Order 4:30 PM

II.                  Roll Call 4:32 PM

III.                Review and Approval of Agenda 4:35 PM

IV.               Review and Approval of Minutes, March 25th, 2002 4:40 PM

V.                 General Announcements 4:45 PM

VI.               Public Comment 4:50 PM

VII.             Presentation Standards of Care, Dara Coan, Harder & Company 5:00 PM

VIII.           Presentation Quality Management Plan, Michelle Long Dixon, SFDPH HHS 5:15 PM

IX.               Presentation HIV/AIDS Services in San Mateo County, John Conley, SMC, DPH 5:30 PM

X.                 Committee Reports 5:45 PM

-         Membership Committee

         By-Laws Amendment Vote Notification

         Membership Nominations VOTE

Dinner Break 6:00 PM

-         Steering Committee 6:10 PM

         Prioritization Targeted vs. Proportional Cuts VOTE

         3-Year Plan Working Group

-         PWA Caucus 7:00 PM

-         Housing Committee 7:10 PM

-         Implementation & Evaluation Committee 7:15 PM

         Grantee Assessment

         Substance Use/Mental Health Work Group

-         Community Action Committee 7:20 PM

XI.               New Business 7:25 PM

XII.             Adjourn 7:30 PM