HIV Health Services Planning Council

25 Van Ness Avenue, Room 330A

June 10, 2002; 4:30 7:30 PM



I.                    Call to Order 4:30 PM

II.                  Roll Call 4:32 PM

III.                Review and Approval of Agenda 4:35 PM

IV.               Review and Approval of Minutes, May 20, 2002 4:37 PM

V.                 General Announcements 4:40 PM

VI.               Public Comment 4:45 PM

VII.             Presentation HIV Consumer Rights Advocacy Project 5:00 PM
Richard Bargetto

VIII.           Presentation MediCal Benefits for People with HIV 5:10 PM
Jane Gelfand, Positive Resource Center

IX.               Presentation California Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need 6:00 PM
Laura Thomas, SDPH, HIV Health Services

Dinner Break 6:10 PM

X.                 Committee Reports 6:25 PM

-         Steering Committee

         Discussion Prioritization Process
A philosophical discussion and establishment of criteria
for use in decision-making for determining service prioritization

         3-Year Plan Working Group

-         Membership Committee

         New Member Nominations VOTE

-         PWA Caucus

-         Housing Committee

-         Implementation & Evaluation Committee

XI.               New Business 7:20 PM

XII.             Adjourn 7:30 PM


Note: Agenda items are subject to change, postponement, or removal. Meeting agendas are considered to be in DRAFT form until reviewed and approved by Council attendees.