Supporting the Department of Public Health's Request To Further the Implementation of Managed Care, and To Increase Medication Services To Severely Mentally Ill Clients, February 18, 1997

WHEREAS, the Division of Mental Health's client population has increased by approximately 1,700 patients or 11% over the past two years; and,

WHEREAS, the Department is developing single points of responsibility (50) programs to manage 400 severely and chronically mentally ill clients who have histories of high use of hospital and locked institutional services; and,

WHEREAS, these programs will share risk through a capitation rate which encourages flexible and creative community supports and programs rather than institutional placements; and,

WHEREAS, consistent with a resolution from the Board of Supervisors and the Health Commission, the Division of Mental Health has assumed the responsibility and risk of providing all mental health services to MediCal recipients through the State's Mental Health Carve Out Managed Care Program; and,

WHEREAS, the Department is receiving funds from the State to implement Mental Health managed care; and,

 WHEREAS, the Division of Mental Health has proposed developing needed programs to implement managed care, including claims management and adjudication, gatekeeping and authorization functions, consumer affairs, quality management, management information systems, and other administrative and support functions necessary for optimal management of the mental health carve out; and,

WHEREAS, the Division of Mental Health currently has a waiting list of mental health clients who require medication services; and,

 WHEREAS, the Division has requested augmentation to its pharmaceutical budget and increases in pharmacists and psychiatrists to provide adequate medication therapies; and,

WHEREAS, the Division of Mental Health anticipates increased State revenues through additional Realignment funding, which is allocated by the State for mental health services; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Health Commission supports the Department of Health's request to augment mental health services including funds to support the single points of responsibility programs, develop managed care functions, and increase medication services for the mentally ill in San Francisco.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Health Commission at its meeting of Tuesday, February 18 , 1997.

Sandy Ouye Mori Executive Secretary to the Health Commission